Eyeglasses for vision: diagnosis, examination, prescription for glasses

When planting vision eye doctor recommends daily wear glasses. So as not to impair visual acuity and do not cause a number of eye diseases, it is very important to choose the right corrective lenses. In this case, without the help of a specialist is essential, therefore, desirable to perform the selection of glasses for vision in a specialized center and not buy any for the frame model on the market or in the subway.

The basic rules of selecting

If you have first purchase points, early diagnosis by an ophthalmologist to determine the degree of impairment of visual acuity and optimal variants of its further correction. The same test — Refractometer — needs patients «with experience» because, as you know, over time, visual acuity may somewhat change. That’s why the specialists of this direction are strongly advised to undergo a medical examination once a year that allows you to evaluate the condition of the eyesight and to prevent serious diseases of the eye.Подбор очков для зрения: диагностика, обследование, рецепт на очки

So, when buying glasses it is important to remember that this is a therapeutic optical device, but not a fashionable accessory that complements the style of the person. That is why to pay attention is required not to design solution and style eyeglasses and corrective lenses, which have more than one day to adjust the sharpness of imperfect vision.

Important! Vision testing and eyeglass fitting is an individual process which is preferably carried out with a specialist and not to delay.

Typically, visual acuity is tested by means of computer diagnostics — visometry, and the obtained data are reduced to standard table values. It was on the table the doctor can determine the most suitable in a particular case, the value of optical lenses. Also visual acuity is checked with the help of a corrector of the symbols on the remote distance of 5 meters, and each eye is examined separately. Only after the patient undergoes these simple procedures, the doctor can determine the prevailing vision problems, prescribe the size of the optical lens for further correction.Подбор очков для зрения: диагностика, обследование, рецепт на очки

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If the patient finds it difficult to name characters corrector with a specified distance, he was invited to try a series of trial lenses, which is always at hand by a specialist.

Important! Lens selection is carried out with increasing refractive power, until it is determined the maximum visual acuity. Each eye is adjusted to 0.7-0.8, after which both eyes is determined by the actual visual acuity binocular. The resulting figure should be varied in the range 0.9-1.0.

Now I understand why modern online selection of glasses for vision is questionable, both from the patients and the specialists from the field of ophthalmology.

Definition of interpupillary distance

When the choice of the value of the optical lenses have already been implemented, it is necessary to measure interpupillary distance with pupillometry or classic line. Why is this necessary? This procedure is performed for the correct alignment of the lenses in the frame to avoid deterioration of overall health on the background of the additional visual load. So, the optimal rate for points 2 mm away higher than close.Подбор очков для зрения: диагностика, обследование, рецепт на очки

By the way, the doctor is required to additionally provide, for what purposes you need glasses: whether it is the work in front of computer, reading books or, for example, management of personal transport. It is very important to correctly ophthalmologist wrote a prescription for glasses.

Prescription for glasses

When diagnostics and the selection of glasses is made, the ophthalmologist only to issue so-called «eyeglass prescription». Here you need to reflect the optical power of a cylindrical or spherical lens, the interpupillary distance, the reason for which the patient will need to wear glasses.Подбор очков для зрения: диагностика, обследование, рецепт на очки

Important! To buy glasses are recommended in the specialized shops of optics, because they will be made strictly according to individual orders (according to the recipe).

Of course, you can pick up a ready-made model, but this option is suitable only to those people who have dominated the minor vision problems. It is also important to remember that cheap eyeglasses can exacerbate allergic reactions when in contact with sensitive skin. That is why doctors do not recommend to save on this purchase, especially because it affects not only visual acuity but also the overall health of the patient.

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Expert opinion on the selection of points you will learn from the following video:

Problems with incorrect choice of points

If the patient voluntarily bought the glasses, trying them «by eye», or diagnosis by an ophthalmologist was carried out poorly, then after a short period of time may cause certain health problems.

Among such anomalies are:

  • systematic migraine attacks;
  • the feeling of nausea and dizziness;
  • the decline in performance;
  • emotional instability;
  • of sudden vision loss.Подбор очков для зрения: диагностика, обследование, рецепт на очки

In such cases you should immediately stop further wear of the optical device and as soon as possible to report their unpleasant complaints a qualified specialist.

It is therefore important to select points and a selection of lenses according to the rules and with the help of a professional ophthalmologist, and not to treat their health is superficial and biased.