Eyes speck to a child or adult — what to do

It often happens that the eyes of the mote. Even if it is harmless foreign body, it touches the very delicate cornea of the optic body. Such contact may injure it, and even cause inflammation, if I join infection, therefore, from the foreign body must be removed.

You should not RUB the hands of the eyeball in contact with there dust, piece of land, mote or cilia. You can try to cry, maybe the tears will wash the speck. And if that doesn’t work, follow the following recommendations.

What to do if caught in the eye mote?

If you feel that in the eye like a mote caught, do not let the fact that someone pulled her dirty hands. Clean hands and in good lighting inspect the eyeball. If you see a foreign body, remove it using a tube folded in a clean cotton handkerchief. Do not take for such manipulations of paper handkerchiefs and napkins, because after contact with them on the cornea will remain of paper fiber that will further aggravate the situation.

Попала в глаз соринка ребенку или взрослому - что делатьIf you, upon inspection found nothing, but the discomfort remains, then try one of these ways:

  • pull the upper eyelid upward;
  • «roll» the upper eyelid on the bottom, but remember that if at the time of such action there is severe pain, then stop;
  • if it did not produce any results, contact a doctor can not, then you can wash the organ of vision. To do this, type in a container of clean water, previously boiled and cooled, to lower back eyes and blink them actively. So mote will be able to go.
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For washing, you can use this method. Take a position, spread your fingers, eyelids and rinse the cornea with a small stream of water from a Cup. So mote will be released along with the water. After removing drip the eyes with Sulfacetamide to avoid infection and the occurrence of conjunctivitis.

Important! In that case, when you feel discomfort after the extraction of the subject or were not able to remove it, contact your doctor. When you hit small items or unskillful actions to remove possible micro-injuries of the eyeball.

In any case, you can check the vision after it was extracted the foreign body. You will be able to hold their own simply by examining how you see each eye separately.

What to do if a child got hit in the eye mote?

If the speck in the eye was your child, what often happens in the sandbox or while walking in dry or windy weather, then in any case do not allow him to RUB his eyes. So the child could severely damage the cornea of the optic body. But how to pull out the foreign body themselves in order to avoid infection and injury?

Попала в глаз соринка ребенку или взрослому - что делатьSit the child comfortably and in a well lit area, wash your hands with soap and water and gently look into his eyes. Have your child blink or pull his eyelids up. When you find the speck, try to move it to the edge of the eyes clean with a handkerchief, rolled into a tube. Then carefully take her out of there.

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Take boiled water or buy a bottle of mineral water, certainly not soda. Moisten in it a handkerchief or if possible, a cotton swab. Then swipe the edges of the eyelids dampened cloth in the direction from the outer area to the inner edge. So you can move the object and pull it out.

If it did not produce results, then perform the following action: in a syringe without a needle type boiled water and orosite of his little one’s eyes in the same direction. This will help the grains to come out. Instead of water often use a drop of «Artificial tears», they would also relieve irritation of the cornea.

If removing a speck of dust in the kid’s eyes turned red, which is quite a normal reaction, you can wash them with fresh brew tea properly filtered. If all the measures fail, the child will complain of pain, you should consult an eye specialist for help — perhaps an inflammation. In this case, to cope with illness you can’t.

How to extract a foreign body from the eye, tell you the following videos:

Using these methods, you will be able to get the speck out of your eye or to help the child. It is important to observe the rules of hygiene and wash hands before any manipulation, in order to avoid the inflammatory process. If the problem has touched a child, do not let to RUB his eyes, so he’ll do worse. Better at this time to try to cry and the tears will help to clean the eyes.