Fashion glasses for ladies and girls — photos, price

Modern girl always tries to look good, it is necessary not only secular, but also in the workplace. If you have impaired vision and have to wear glasses, you need to remember that when myopia or astigmatism, constantly glasses, you can look good and even elegant, if you know how to pick them up.

Today to wear a pretty women’s fashionable frames for glasses can be found in any optics shop. With a wide range of forms, every woman will find one that will decorate it. But you should learn several tips on how to make this choice and not be wrong.

What to prefer?

Модные очки для зрения женские и для девочек - фото, ценаFashionable glasses for women, photos of which can be found on the Internet, can be made of plastic or metal. If before the metal product was pretty heavy, the new model is made very easy. Plastic is light in itself, and it is able to more securely hold the thick lens than metal.

Today, plastic models can look fashionable and original, because there are a great variety. If you can’t tolerate some irritation or your skin may react negatively to the metal, some prefer plastic. He is also is a hypoallergenic material.

As for the metal models, they are more suited to women who prefer classic style. And they mostly bought those for whom this correction is more a necessity than a decoration or accessory. If you love jewelry, now becoming more popular models that have protruding outer upper corners, or rim, decorated with stones.

Not lost its relevance and products of a thin rim of metal but also those options that do not involve a frame, but their price is higher than the others. As for total cost, then the fashionable glasses women’s price may be different. It can be 1000 rubles, or tens of thousands of rubles. It all depends on what brand they were manufactured, the quality of the products and other factors, for example, the lenses, corrective vision.

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Classic and trendy options

Given the trends in fashionable glasses for women, do not forget about their personal characteristics. A very important role in their choice of plays, the shape of your face. It is easier to choose a product for owners of oval face shape and for everyone else there are some rules, which, incidentally, also affect the selection of men’s glasses.

Модные очки для зрения женские и для девочек - фото, ценаA round face. If you have this face shape, avoid products with smooth lines. You fit frame with sharp corners, you can choose narrow or rectangular options. The jumper should be light and preferably transparent material. To divert attention from the rounded focus on rim, do not buy round option or too much product.

The long face. In this case, you need to straighten the proportions visually. Do not take a wide rim, but prefer the long options. And to make the nose a little shorter will help the jumper, which is set low.

Disproportionate form. Is that the forehead seems too narrow or a large chin. In this case, it is necessary to balance the proportions. For example, to reduce the upper part will help light glasses. But such an option as «cat’s eye» will help to achieve the opposite effect, increasing the upper part. By the way, this product can be decorated with stones or to have bright color.

A square face. The holders of such forms is better to give preference standard oval frames.

Oval faces, as we have said, can be decorated completely different options. It can be classic, retro shapes or the bright new models.

Important! Pick up points must be made in accordance with the type of person and not only focusing on fashion trends. If the shape of the glasses does not suit you, it is better to refuse.

To look stylish is not always enough just to follow fashion trends. How will look on their owners are fashionable glasses, depends on the shape of the face. The same rules apply when selecting children’s glasses, well, fashion glasses for girls is a small copy of the adult models in bright or subdued rims, with decorations or without. Guided by these criteria, you will be able not only to look fashionable and stylish, but also highlight your beauty by hiding flaws with high-quality and fine rim.