Fashionable men’s glasses — the rules of selection, price, photo

Now people with poor eyesight have to wear glasses less, because with the advent of modern laser surgery and contact lenses this accessory is becoming more and more useless. Many are simply too shy to wear them, although it does unfairly, in fact if they are selected taking into account the characteristics of appearance, the points only flatter and decorate. Fashion glasses for men to just pick up, it is only necessary to study carefully the shape of the face to consider when choosing the advice of stylists.

Choosing glasses for face shape

Модные мужские очки для зрения - правила выбора, цена, фотоBefore choosing a frame for this accessory, you need to determine your face shape. For this you can just be in front of the mirror and circle to show your face, for example, toothpaste.

Square or rectangular face. In this case, it is best to give preference to round points. Also suitable rectangular frame with slightly rounded edges.

A round face. Choose a square shape, they give a more masculine appearance, especially if you have chubby cheeks.

The oval face. Is considered to be just perfect. It is best to buy accessory rectangular shape with a barely visible frame.

The long face. Suitable square oversized frame. Avoid the miniature points.

The form points should contrast with the shape of the face. That is, if you have a round face, then in any case do not need to buy the accessory socket of the same shape. In this case you will look ridiculous. It is important to remember that the bridge between the lenses also plays not the last role. If the eyes are set close, give preference to dim or not visible to the jumper, and if widely, on the contrary, choose with bright and wide.

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Men’s glasses in a fashionable frame to pick up not hard, just you need to buy to follow some rules and tips. The correct choice will depend on your appearance and presentability. By the way, the same rules must be followed, if you want to buy glasses working at the computer.

Important! If you can not find his ideal place, buy bezopasny accessory. It is suitable for anyone.

Advice stylists

Choosing the right fashionable mens glasses, it is possible to Refine and make your image complete. For men, there are three main trend that will be popular for a long time.

Модные мужские очки для зрения - правила выбора, цена, фотоBlack square bezel with rounded edges — this option is a real hit. Recall, Elton John, most of the time he appears in public in that way. Option will fit perfectly to both classic and sporty.

Vintage round form came back into fashion recently, but immediately became popular among the celebrity fashionistas. This accessory adds male sexuality, makes it look shrill and passionate. A great choice for those who prefer the hippie style.

For any image and the face fit translucent edging of the lens. Classic, sporty, special occasions — always such an accessory would be appropriate. Especially suited such those men who are too brutal, it will make them look softer and at the same time serious.

Suggest as stylists, do not skimp when buying this thing. If you want to buy fashionable men’s glasses, price should not stop you. Choose a frame from brand manufacturers, and the lens must be of high quality. This depends on how your health and appearance. To choose fashionable men’s points you in the optics catalogs, fashion magazines or on the websites of the relevant topics. Carefully review, select few acceptable options and go to the store to try on and purchase.

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In pursuit of fashion, do not forget that this accessory you require in the first place for the correction of vision, and therefore to choose the right glasses is very important. Rim you can pick up or order what you want, but the prescription on the lenses is a matter of your physician, and this should be remembered always.