Fyodorov glasses for computer: features, reviews

Ophthalmologists warn that prolonged computer work significantly disrupts the quality of vision becomes the main cause of many eye diseases. But what if this main source of income and daily eye contact can not be avoided? Compromise in this situation are time-tested Fyodorov glasses for the computer, which eliminates the redness of the eye syndrome, dry eye, increased fatigue and acute attacks of migraines on a background of visual overload.

As practice shows, the Akademik Fedorov with his brilliant invention has already convinced in its efficiency, not one patient, and demand for this instrument knows no competition, and every year is increasing rapidly. You can buy them without a prescription for more, but first needed to consult with the ophthalmologist to study the manual.

Characteristic features of the invention

Очки Федорова для компьютера: особенности, отзывыFirst, fedorovskie computer glasses is a modern eyepieces with lenses that have a special coating. They are useful to those whose vision is experiencing heavy loads — particularly when working with computer equipment.

Second, such models improve image clarity, ensure the sustainability of vision when used for long periods.

Thirdly, after the first putting on the eye, there is a General discomfort, and the process of adaptation to the new optical device is short, does not provoke internal and visual nuisances.

And last: to wear such a device can all patients who have the slightest problems with vision or timely want to protect visual acuity when working at your PC. Age restrictions for their use there.

Main advantages

If the ophthalmologist assigns points for working at the computer Fedorova, the first reaction of the patient can be negative, it’s not still believe that these lenses really work.

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Очки Федорова для компьютера: особенности, отзывыBefore you abandon such an effective therapy, it is necessary to tell about the basic properties of this optical devices:

  • improving the definition and contrast of pictures;
  • optimization of the transmitted light throughout the range of the visible spectrum;
  • elimination of slezotechenii and pains in the eyes;
  • improving visual performance;
  • protection from the harmful radiation that emanates from the monitor.

Important! Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of this fit, the main thing that it was scheduled according to the testimony of a qualified expert.

Learn more about the glasses Fyodorov from the following video:

Vision with these glasses maintains the health of the retina, is an excellent prevention of eye diseases. Even if vision problems are not observed, prevention certainly can’t hurt, especially if every day dealing with computers.

Despite the advantages of points Fedorov for computer, patients ‘ feedback on their most controversial. Some believe that no reliable means to protect views from exercise, while others believe these glasses are inconvenient and inefficient. Everyone chooses for themselves a compromise, but ophthalmologists believe in the powerful therapeutic effect that will be obvious in a short time with daily wear. But before buying a very important to consult a specialist, as well as control and diagnostics.