Garason eye drops: manual, price, reviews, analogs

Garson – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug combined action, designed to treat conjunctivitis bacterial nature, meibomitis, disease of inflammatory nature of various eye departments. It is also able to heal wounds and restore the function of the organ of vision after trauma or eye surgery.

Pharmacological action

Гаразон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиThis tool is affected by two main components, which are gentamicin and betamethasone. Gentamicin is an antibacterial substance from the group of aminoglycosides, having a wide range of effects.

Betamethasone are glucocorticosteroid that has anti-inflammatory effects. This component contributes to the preservation of corneal transparency in case of defeat (allergies or injuries).

The composition and form of issue

Available in drops for the eyes, solution of which is transparent, which is colorless or have a yellowish tint, and comes in a bottle with a volume of 5 ml. the Main components are gentamicin and betamethasone. Auxiliary – sodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium edetate, benzalkonium chloride, water.

Indications for use

Гаразон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиAssigned to treat:

  • keratoconjunctivitis;
  • staphylococcal blepharoconjunctivitis;
  • blepharitis;
  • dacryocystitis;
  • keratitis;
  • episcleritis;
  • meibomitis;
  • injuries of the anterior segment of the organ of vision, caused by contact with foreign bodies, in various types of burns and radiation emission;
  • outer ear infections (chronic or acute).

Applied drops and after the eyes were held surgery. In this case, they promote the healing of wounds and restoration of normal functioning of the body.

Method of application

Use these drops, ranging from 8 years of age. The dosage is determined for each person individually, taking into account the severity of eye disease. Burying is usually carried out in a day 3-4 times 1-2 drops. If the disease is in the acute stage, the drug is instilled after 2 hours, 2 drops. Frequency of use is reduced as you reduce the symptoms of the disease. If 14 days is not observed therapeutic effect from the use of this tool, you should use it to stop and visit an ophthalmologist.

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Not assigned to Garzon at:

  • hypersensitivity to its components;
  • lesions of the conjunctiva and cornea viral nature;
  • mycobacterial and fungal infections of the organ of vision;
  • the thinning of the cornea or sclera;
  • complications after vaccination for smallpox;
  • keratitis (tree);
  • the age of the patient younger than 8 years;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Caution the tool is used for people who are diagnosed with high myopia, diabetes mellitus, open-angle glaucoma and herpesvirus infection.

Side effects

Гаразон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиAs a result of using this tool there is a risk of such side effects:

  • burning and itching in the eyes;
  • dryness;
  • the loss of vision;
  • increased pressure inside the eye;
  • of glaucoma and subcapsular cataract;
  • pupil dilation;
  • the appearance of a secondary infection;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • anterior uveitis;
  • poor wound healing;
  • allergic manifestations.


If long applied corticosteroids in doses exceeding the recommended doctor, it inhibits the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system, when there is increased production of hormones of the adrenal cortex. In case of long use of the aminoglycosides, there may be hearing impairment. Treatment of overdose is symptomatic. It is necessary to normalize the fluid and electrolyte balance.

Interaction with other drugs

The joint use of corticosteroids and aminoglycosides may result in various allergic manifestations. Therefore, these drops used together with other means is not desirable. Because specific data regarding the interaction of Garazon with other ophthalmic drugs are not available.

Special instructions

Гаразон глазные капли: инструкция, цена, отзывы, аналогиGarzon applied topically. Its use is necessary to abandon the wearing of lenses, as the benzalkonium chloride can lead them into disrepair. When you use more than 10 days it is important to constantly monitor the level of pressure inside the eye. If the therapy was executed fully and the required effect is absent, or the symptoms persist, it is important to take a swab of the conjunctiva, to explore its sensitivity to antibacterial infection.

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For pregnant women this drug is used only when the expected benefits will be far greater risk to fetal development. As there is no data regarding the are components of Garzone along with breast milk, then for the period of treatment with this remedy breastfeeding should be discontinued.

The tip of the vial do not touch any surface to avoid re-infecting the treated eye. One bottle of drops should not be used to treat eye infections and otitis media. Store the drug must be in a dark place and away from children.


Positive. In the use of the drug Garison, it was noted a number of positive points. Drops good help for eye diseases — conjunctivitis, barley, and also in diseases of the ear — otitis, dermatitis. The therapeutic effect occurs promptly. For instillation of a convenient bottle. The price of the drug available.

Negative. Among the shortcomings allocate only what is in contact with the drops on my eye was burning.


Similar to this drug are:

  • Akriderm Of Ghent;
  • Betagenon;
  • Belogent;
  • Celestoderm;
  • Maxitrol;
  • Tobradex;
  • Sofradeks.

Replace the data drops on the same should only doctor. Yourself to do.


The cost of these drops in Russian pharmacies is from 200 to 250 rubles.