Glasses bifocal — description, reviews, photos, price

It is very common to see people of retirement age regularly change glasses throughout the day. For example, to read use one pair for street another, and to watch television is designed third. This is because older people have trouble seeing objects located near and far. This happens because you receive presbyopia — «old vision», or for some reason develops farsightedness with already existing myopia and Vice versa.

But really there is no universal option when patient is using corrective lenses, one can equally clearly see close and distant objects? Alternative to modern ophthalmology still found, and it’s called «getting tired», which is now freely available in any center for optics at affordable prices.

The principle of operation

Очки бифокальные - описание, отзывы, фото, ценаBefore buying bifocal glasses, the description is recommended to study carefully and to consult an ophthalmologist, as they have features that could make you doubt the purchase.

Made it «tricky» optical device in two parts, where the upper component is only intended for viewing distant objects and the lower retainers. Segment for near vision is markedly different from its so-called «opponent», it has the best form (most often it is a horseshoe with a width of up to 3 cm).

Quite popular in ophthalmology bifocal glasses, photos of different models can be seen at numerous medical portals or the Cabinet narrow-profile specialist. However, it is important to clarify what are these models, mostly older and old age (after 40 years), whereas the young categorically rejects such a choice. The reason is that these progressive sunglasses add to the patient’s age, a few will change the natural facial features (visually distort and disfigure them even).

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Important! To buy such models it is desirable for the individual order, as previously required to come to the reception to the ophthalmologist, get a complete diagnosis, get a prescription for making the suitable pair.

Existing types

Очки бифокальные - описание, отзывы, фото, ценаBifocal glasses there are two types: linear and progressive. In the first case we are talking about the most common designs with a visual horizontal line in the center, and the second is conditional, the distinction is completely absent, but the effect is a smooth transition of focus clearly remains.

To choose, again, will help the ophthalmologist strictly indicated. The patient must remember that bifocal glasses, as evidenced by the reviews, require long-term adaptation. If the patient previously, such progressive designs were not used, the eyes will be the first time it is difficult to get used to such a sharp and unexpected transitions. If bifocal model been used before, it is highly undesirable to stop them from further wear or to look for an alternative in the form of ordinary glasses for vision correction or contact lenses.

Advantages and disadvantages

Очки бифокальные - описание, отзывы, фото, ценаThe main advantage of this optical devices is obvious: you can change a few pairs of glasses one that is convenient, financially advantageous. On the one hand, this is a major breakthrough in the everyday life of the patient to ophthalmologist, but this apparent division of corrective lenses noticeably reduces the distance at which a person can see.

The second drawback is the visual defect. In this case, it is again a matter on the dividing strip, which is very clearly visible to everyone around, and at numerous bends and turns of the head can cause nausea, fatigue, headache, eye pain and a sharp decline in health.

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That is why before buying you want to consult with your doctor which will determine the true need of such acquisition. Patients under 40 years it is best to replace this option wearability corrective contact lenses or regular glasses.

Read more about bifocals you can learn from the following video:

The issue price

Bifocal sunglasses can be purchased at a different price this optical devices varies from several hundred – thousand. Depends on the figure from the manufacturer, punctuality, the patient’s wishes in relation to the rim. The range of models is huge, not only allows you to see the world in rich colors, but can become a complement to the style.

And if you purchase this model – a question solved, it’s only for a visit to an ophthalmologist and obtain a prescription for these lenses.