Glasses chameleons for vision — pictures, reviews, price and what they are (video)

Many people who have certain vision problems, they feel uncomfortable in Sunny weather, in which the eyes that need lenses or glasses, you also need to protect from excess UV light. One of the most interesting inventions of recent years were the so-called points-chameleons for vision: they can be used in any lighting, indoors and outdoors, since the degree of darkening varies depending on the amount of ultraviolet radiation received by the human eye in certain circumstances.

What are these products? The principle of operation

Очки хамелеоны для зрения - фото, отзывы, цена и что они из себя представляют (видео)Photochromic glasses such products are lenses that change color and shade depending on the amount of sunlight that enter to the eyes. Lens glasses-chameleons remain bright when a person is in the room, because the amount of ultraviolet radiation tends to zero, even if the room has Windows: simple glass transmits it in a minimal amount. On the street the glass becomes dark, protecting eyesight from the negative effects of bright rays and glare.

A key feature of these glasses is the presence of prescription lenses, they can wear people with poor eyesight, without the help of contact lenses. Thus, points-chameleons for view, video changes the visible image in which you can find on the Internet, perform two functions: sun protection and vision correction. At the same time to buy different models do not need: they do an excellent job with both tasks.

Details about the glasses-the chameleons and their functions can be learned from the following video:

To suit glasses chameleon?

These products are perfectly suitable for people who suffer from severe sensitivity to bright light and slezotechenie. Glasses make it easier to use products for eye protection and vision correction, eliminating the need to change one to the other or to combine sunglasses with soft lenses.

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Glasses can be made of plastic or metal; the second option is preferable, because then the rim will be more easy and convenient. The lens itself needs to be glass: this material allows you to create true photochromic surface.

The degree of dimming points can vary:

  • from 10 to 50 percent, the weak darkening — these glasses are often worn by women. The surface has a brown hue;
  • from 15 to 65 percent with a gray surface. The average degree of darkening; these glasses are suitable for street and in some cases while driving;
  • from 30 to 80 percent with a green tint. Such models are especially popular among people with conjunctivitis, light sensitivity, suffering from pains in the eyes and dryness.

Important! Doctors generally recommend to stay on the models with the middle shade, which is equally well cope with the tasks of correction and protection, and also have long life and are durable.

Usually, care for these products is not as complicated and requires regular wiping of glasses, and rarely of twisting screws into the frame.

Glasses chameleon vision: customer reviews

Очки хамелеоны для зрения - фото, отзывы, цена и что они из себя представляют (видео)According to feedback of customers, these products are perfect to help protect eyesight from the bright light and adjust it to the ideal settings. Very popular model from the RayBan and Polaroid. Some people say that glasses are not recommended for use while driving, and it is quite logical: the darkening will not occur because the windshield is automatically detected as the surface late in the ultraviolet. Although modern technology can already imagine some of the designs that respond to light and in the car. Therefore, we can assume that the chameleon glasses for drivers are also suitable.

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The points value depends on several parameters: material of lenses and frames, the manufacturer and the margins of the store. Find glasses a Chameleon, a photo of which is in the network, in online stores at an affordable cost – from one to several thousand.

Quite often, the network can offer and unbranded models at a lower cost, as well as very cheap glasses, which are fake products of famous companies. If the first relatively safe for health, the second to buy is not recommended because wearing them can negatively affect vision.