Glasses for computer work without diopters — reviews, price, photos

People who, for work or personal Hobbies for a long time spend at the computer, often encounter such problems as severe eye strain, watering, pain in the eyeballs, burning sensation. All these symptoms are signs of strain, but it’s not the worst of the consequences that can occur from prolonged periods of monitor.

Radiation monitor triggers fatigue of the whole person, and after a few years, the risk of developing glaucoma, myopia, or macular degeneration becomes threatening. To save this risk may not only limit the time spent at the monitor: a very popular means considered glasses for computer work without diopters. Their main goal is to reduce eye strain and reducing the adverse effects of radiation, which can cause disease of the visual organs.

The principle of the device

Очки для работы за компьютером без диоптрий - отзывы, цена, фотоGlasses with no lenses for computer are interference filters composed of multiple layers which covers the glass by vacuum deposition. Interference filter affects take eye radiation: it cuts off harmful part of the spectrum that are reflected in the form of glare. The remaining region of the spectrum, which does not harm the filter or pass through.

The optical parameters of these filters when you need them combined allow visible spectrum radiation from the monitor in safe condition, and create the conditions in which the eye can relax, reducing stress and increasing the efficiency of the visual character. Thus, the glasses can not only get rid of harmful effects but also contribute to the restoration and relief from eye fatigue. Most of the lenses have diopter, but the eye problems it is possible to use interference filter layers on glass with diopters.

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Read more about how these glasses work and how to pick them up, you can see from the following video:

Glasses with no lenses for computer: owner reviews

Очки для работы за компьютером без диоптрий - отзывы, цена, фотоAccording to the reviews of those who have already used the subject after the start of use has a positive effect in restoring the normal condition and reduce fatigue. The device operates so that when it is used the performance increases significantly, and those who should spend more time maybe doing a longer 1.5-3 hours, with no effect on vision.

Those who felt strong fatigue and pain in the eyes, note that we were able to get rid of these symptoms, and many also noticed the absence of cramps and dryness of the eyeballs. The vast majority of those who have used glasses for computer, reported a positive effect at least in the form of reduction of fatigue, and some noticed that their vision became sharper.

Who is glasses for computer work?

This device will be useful in the following cases:

  • long time spent behind a monitor, tablet or smartphone: 4 or more hours with little breaks or without them at all;
  • the feeling of fatigue, pain, cramps, burning, dryness, or tearfulness when working with monitors.
  • work with small parts, which require rigorous consideration of every detail.

As can be seen, the range of applications is quite wide and is not limited to wearing at the computer. Glasses with no lenses for the computer, the price of which can vary depending on the model and store sales, is useful for adults, including the elderly and children.

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Important! You need to use such a device at a young age when the vision is being formed, because of excessive stress that in the framework of modern learning is simply inevitable, can lead to irreversible consequences.

There are different glasses with no lenses for the computer: photos you can find them on the Internet. Selection should be carried out individually, taking into account the intensity of the load, as well as the visual features in each case. The choice can be influenced by the presence of abnormalities of vision and perception. The only way you can choose sunglasses that maximally protect the eyes from excessive congestion and reduce the risk of diseases.