Glasses for drivers chameleon vision glasses and without — description, photos, reviews, price

Glasses for drivers «chameleon» is a type of sunglasses optical. For their production using special photochromic lenses, which tend to become darker or lighter depending on the brightness of the lighting. This is very convenient because your eyes would be under maximum protection without compromising visibility.

The advantages and principle of operation

Очки для водителей хамелеон с диоптриями и без - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаA property of lenses that are used for the manufacture of photochromic options, is to protect the eyes in bright light and absolute transparency in the room. The same applies to salons car. Until recently, auto glasses remained transparent, as in any other room.

New models of such products allow them to effectively protect human eyes even in the car. Glass contain in their composition substances that respond not only to ultraviolet light but also blue light spectrum contained in sunlight. The glass can be dimmed to 80 %, allowing you to control the situation on the road even in Sunny weather.

Such variations lenses have become a real boon for people who have impaired vision and drive, because in the normal lens of the eye is not protected from glare and bright sun. Such an optical device allows you to replace several pairs of different models.

For drivers there are other types of points, which act somewhat differently, but also help to focus on the road in all conditions. It’s glasses with polarized lenses, which can be found here.

Glasses for drivers photochromic prescription lenses

Очки для водителей хамелеон с диоптриями и без - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаApart from protecting the eyes from solar radiation data of optical devices have the function of vision correction. It is necessary for those people who drive cars with low vision. Glass made to order, depending on the degree of deterioration of visual function of the patient.

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Until recently the combination of such properties was not popular among the population, and this was associated with low quality lenses. Recently began to go on sale quality glass with diopters and a chameleon effect. They are made with quality materials that allows you to adjust the sight with myopia, astigmatism and other violations while protecting from the sun’s eyes.

There are glasses with different shade

  • from 10 to 55% glass are considered to be weak in darkening the color usually resembles brown;
  • from 15 to 65% is glass with a medium shade, they are best suited for drivers and have a gray tint;
  • from 30 to 85% glass are considered to be those that have a strong shade, they will effectively protect the eyes of people suffering from photophobia or increased lacrimation.

In order to choose the desired version, you need to consult an ophthalmologist to check vision. Glasses made to order in the salons of optics, depending on the recommendations of experts.

Important! It is unacceptable to diagnose yourself or to buy items from the stalls in the subway or on the streets. Protect your eyes without hurting them, will only high quality products.

Glasses for drivers chameleon: price protection

Очки для водителей хамелеон с диоптриями и без - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаWith impaired vision to drive a car becomes difficult, because you need every second to monitor the situation on the road. The weather can be different: Sunny or cloudy, and some corrective lenses may not be enough for comfortable control. It is for these drivers was invented corrective glasses for drivers «chameleon», a photo of which you will find on the Internet.

The cost of the product may be different. It is difficult to answer the question about the price of products. Windows themselves are dimmable can be purchased at a price of 2 000 rubles and above, the higher the price, the better the material for production. But in our case we should consider not only the function but also the function of vision correction. Therefore, the points value will largely depend on what your vision is and what lenses are needed to correct it. As for the rims, they can have different costs, depending on material manufacturer and quality of product frames cost from 300 rubles and ending with tens of thousands of rubles.

It should again be emphasized that one pair of such lenses you are replacing protective and corrective eyewear. To choose the product which you will be able to see well, pass the first examination by an ophthalmologist, and, guided by his instructions order your glasses in our optical store. And remember that the really high quality glass are expensive, but can save by buying a fake, not worth it.