Glasses for drivers — characteristics, photos, reviews

Even with perfect vision glasses for drivers significantly improve road safety, reduce the risk of accidents, let you feel comfortable behind the wheel. Many motorists after acquiring personally seen all the advantages, the advantages of this optical device.

Also in the sale is dominated by points for drivers to view, which are purchased in accordance with the recommendations of the specialist. Choosing the right diopter value increases the sharpness of vision, visual evenly distributes the load and eliminates eye fatigue, and a comprehensive therapeutic and preventive effect, as it is impossible by the way on the road.

Main advantages

If motorists are seriously interested in glasses for drivers, pictures of their models always can be found in any center for optics. But before making such an important purchase, it’s time to think about its main advantages.

Очки для водителей - характеристика, фото, отзывыThis:

  • large selection of frames, stylish design;
  • transparent lenses or diopters;
  • lenses plastic, eliminating the risk of injury of eye glasses in case of accident;
  • a wide range;
  • convenience and comfort socks
  • affordable pricing.

Reviews about special glasses for drivers are only positive, and advises every motorist to make such a valuable contribution to their own safety. However, prior consultation with an ophthalmologist also need, especially to check once again vision is very useful.

Useful information

Buying glasses for drivers, the characteristics of each model will allow you to select the best option, but you need to remember a few highlights.

Очки для водителей - характеристика, фото, отзывы

Apart from the fact that the lenses need to be plastic, it is important to choose those models that have anti-reflective coating. They will cost a bit more expensive, but will protect the organ of vision-glare. From it nobody is insured, to recall the glare emanating from the surface of oncoming or passing cars on the road. If the vision is planted, it requires to match the amount of diopters to ensure a reliable, steady correction. Also popular are the photochromic glasses for drivers, they also — points-chameleons.

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The range of frames is striking in its diversity, but it is important not to forget that it is not only a fashion accessory but also an important optical device in the life of a motorist, not just to save his life. That is why the frame should be convenient and comfortable, and the glasses stay stable on the temples and nose bridge. Also bad when they are too tight and RUB the delicate skin, also distracting the driver, causing discomfort.

Очки для водителей - характеристика, фото, отзывыThe arms should be thin and rectangular, it is desirable to pay attention, whether for more comfort, the rubberized ear pieces. Also important is the presence nosophoros that hold the lens in one position.

If the driver is dominated by the obvious problems with sharpness of vision, the lens needs to be clearly corrective. The best buy model with polarized (anti-glare) that provide triple protection of view on the road.

As for the pricing, here the choice is up to the buyer depending on his financial capabilities. However, it should be noted that the cost of such simple models are quite affordable, but in General the price range is very wide and most popular glasses, for example, Polaroid or Gunnar will be not so cheap.

More about the properties of points and for drivers can learn from the following video:

Another important evaluation criterion

Очки для водителей - характеристика, фото, отзывыAs you know, lenses can be represented in the most unexpected shades, being a so-called «highlight» the selected style of the motorist. However, not everyone knows that some colors distort the visibility of the road and the traffic lights, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

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Optimal in the daytime are brown, gray and green lens tints that do not affect perception, clarity, realistic images. In conditions of poor visibility or during dark time of day is best to wear red, brown and yellow lenses, and you can wear them for an unlimited period of time.

In each center for optics, there are qualified consultants who not only advise on suitable model points for motorists, but will also check your visual acuity. If vision is good, you can choose the model right there, and if there are problems — you’ll have to visit an ophthalmologist to correctly choose glasses that are suitable for vision, and for travel at the wheel.