Glasses for drivers Polaroid (Polaroid) sunglasses — price, reviews

On the road is very dangerous sun glare – bright reflections of light reflected from a smooth surface. At night oncoming car lights also act as a glare in daylight and dangerous for the driver of the vehicle. Ordinary sunglasses can not cope with the glare, so safe driving it is necessary to use special glasses with polarization lens.

Polaroid is quite a famous brand that produces glasses for drivers and not only, and more the idea this brand does not need. The most common models are universal and suitable for both ladies and men. Points for drivers Polaroid reviews gather the most positive, because it is not only protection from the sun and ultraviolet radiation, but also a stylish fashion accessory.

Qualitative differences Рolaroid

Очки для водителей Polaroid (Полароид) солнцезащитные - цена, отзывыSunglasses for drivers Рolaroid stand out among others with its quality. The original glasses never see the scuffs from the production, various chips, sloppy tides. The retention mechanism of the headphones always perfectly functioning and not «plays» in the unfolded state. Overall the build quality of these Рolaroid not be criticized. Lenses sit tightly without gaps, and loop side handles allow you to unpack only points in the right direction.

Рolaroid fits models produced very high quality lenses. The polarizing effect will make the image clearer, more vivid and intense than without glasses, even in slight fog. Of course, any flashes of light or when looking at a bright source of light in such glasses less eye strain, and the driver will not have to squint and turn away. High-quality optics points this company will not result in impairment of vision even when worn for long. In addition, the lens surface is resistant to damage.

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To check the polarization properties of the lenses of his glasses Рolaroid, you need to take another polarized glasses and look at the combined image, placing points at an angle of ninety degrees relative to each other. As a result of this visit, the real polarizing glasses should have a complete blackout in the combined area.

Properly models coating to protect from ultraviolet radiation, is made by applying a special film swells after some time. In the result, these glasses impossible to use. So, deciding to buy driving glasses Рolaroid high quality, you should contact the specialist shops; then you can be sure that they will last for a long period of operation.

Important! Glasses for drivers Рolaroid, the price of which can vary considerably in different locations, it is also possible (and likely better) to order from the official vendors, providing a guarantee.

The following videos illustrate the effect that give points for drivers Polaroid:

Picking these points

Очки для водителей Polaroid (Полароид) солнцезащитные - цена, отзывыThe original points for drivers Рolaroid included:

  • microfiber cloth with logo Рolaroid. The original glasses cloth, usually of black color with the logo of a nine of diamonds and the inscription Polaroid Polarized Sunglasses;
  • case for secure storage of glasses; depending on the configuration of a particular model it can be hard or soft, but always with embossed brand labels;
  • passport to points of the four pages that describes all the features and permissible operating conditions are also listed ways to care for durable use;
  • Sami points. Original from a fake distinguish first and foremost the quality of rim material and the location of the logos.
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It is worth noting another distinction that will not allow you to buy a fake: on both arches decals applied smoothly and with the same proportions. The logo is the same proportion applied to the left lens in the upper corner, also on the lens is glued sticker with a signature and indication of the presence of the polarization properties. This sticker, like the original passport points are made of laminated paper. On the inside of the left bow is marked with letters and numbers denoting alternately the collection, which includes produced the model, individual model number, year and letter designation of the color frames of glasses.

Important! For a longer stay in sunglasses to choose high-quality models that will not damage eyesight!

If you have to drive, reliable eye protection in many weather conditions — not just a fad or unwillingness to squinting in the sun, it is also security measures — blinding sunlight or headlights leads to transient deterioration of vision. But those few minutes can lead to unwanted and even dangerous consequences.

Protect eyes need quality sunglasses that do not distort the visible image, no effect of proximity of objects and in which the eyes do not get tired. Рolaroid is one of the best brands that manufacture these glasses, so you can be sure that they will not disappoint.