Glasses for drivers, yellow — night, day, with diopters or without (reviews, price, photos)

Most people drive a car, is faced with the fact that while riding in the bright sun the eyes begin to strain from the strong glare that occur as a result of falling of rays on the windshield. Excessive eye strain occurs when the cars in the oncoming lane turn on the lights, which have a fairly greater brightness and are blind. To increase security and reduce load, which leads to rapid fatigue, were invented glasses for drivers yellow; they are more known under the name of Antivari. Strictly speaking, only part of the produced power points has the effect of reducing the brightness from the headlights of oncoming cars, but in everyday life the so-called all the models for the motorist.

The principle of operation driver’s license points

Очки для водителей желтые - ночные, дневные, с диоптриями и без (отзывы, цена, фото)The main principle of operation lies in the effect of polarization. Special lens coating reflects harmful ultraviolet, protects your eyes from the sun’s rays, and also eliminates such harmful effects as glare: because of their eyes when driving can get tired the most. If driving a person spends more than 2-3 hours, it is advisable to purchase glasses for drivers yellow; reviews avid motorists, and also people employed in the sphere of taxi transportations and other reasons for a long time behind the wheel, suggests that when this subject of road safety is increased significantly. Thanks to the use of glasses improves the visibility, changing the angle, and emergencies becomes smaller.

Varieties of Antifer able to work on the absorption of blue light, which means that the most dazzling rays of light will be neutralized, which is very important provided that in the counter flow can drive cars with excessively bright headlights, including xenon. Antivari suitable to wear when riding in the dark (evening, night). Quite a few glasses for night drivers have an additional stripe at the top: to enhance the effect of polarization, it is sufficient to tilt the head.

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More about the benefits of yellow points can be learned from the following video:

Varieties of models

Очки для водителей желтые - ночные, дневные, с диоптриями и без (отзывы, цена, фото)By construction, these products can be divided into the following types:

  • for Sunny weather. Usually they are coated with a brownish tinge, because it is designed to stop bright sunlight, better contrast, colors, reduce irritation of the retina and eye muscles, and also eliminates the glare and effects of binary objects that can appear from bright light;
  • for use at night. They have a yellow polarizing coating with protection from the headlights, suitable for driving in poor visibility conditions (heavy snow or rain, and fog) and in the dark. Visibility in them is achieved by generating a contrast image, which allows to distinguish objects without creating unnecessary blackout.

Important! Can also be glasses for drivers yellow prescription lenses and without them. Model no lenses can be combined with contact lenses, and you can buy them without prescription at any optician or online shop sun products and products with diopters are chosen individually in consultation with the doctor.

Regardless of the model glasses for drivers are usually made of plastic, glass and metal elements are not in demand to create, since the plastic is more durable, resistant, safe for people and not prone to fading. In addition, the plastic frames are more comfortable, the person in it does not get tired or feel irritation in the nose, as is the case with metal models. Plastic is lightweight, and this is another plus, thanks to which it is used to create models for car drivers.

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The cost of these products varies in the range of 1500-2000 rubles on average. Basically it depends on the model of frames, the quality of the polarized lenses, diopters, quality plastic, and also the seller. Quality glasses for drivers-yellow, a photo of which is in the network, will last long enough, they will not scratch and will withstand even severe stress, because to save on their purchase undesirable. Some of the most popular brands of these glasses is Cafa France and Polaroid.

Road safety and their own health – something that should be taken seriously, therefore, such glasses have become an essential accessory in the Arsenal of any driver. Especially because now they are very popular and come in a variety of design solutions, allowing you to pick up fashionable, comfortable and most suitable to the exterior model.