Glasses photochromic drivers — description, photos, reviews, price

Photochromic lenses are called glass, which tend to purchase a variety the degree of darkening dependent on the brightness of the lighting. They protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, and some models even correct vision. If you wear the product indoors, the lenses become transparent, and when going outside they are darker depending on the brightness of the sun. These glasses are the people called «chameleons».

This effect is achieved thanks to the unique properties of the material from which is made of glass. The fact that its composition contains a photochromic substance which react to ultraviolet radiation. When the glass enters the ultraviolet part of the solar beam, the particles react, dark protecting eyes from the harmful effects of external factors. In the premises of such radiation, so the lenses appear clear and do not differ from those used with refractive vision disorders.

Glasses for drivers photochromic: description

A conventional lens with the same effect does not fade in the interior of the car, and this is because through the windshield, almost do not penetrate ultraviolet rays. However, using a conventional glass molded blue emission spectrum, and therefore the driver’s eyes must also be protected. Therefore, was designed glasses for drivers photochromic photo which you will find online for every taste.

Очки для водителей фотохромные - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаLenses such products have following advantages:

  • high opacity, they respond not only to ultraviolet light, but in bright daylight;
  • in Sunny weather the glass can be dimmed up to 80% and this effect is achieved not only outdoors but also in your car.

Important! Within these lenses there are substances that are able to respond to the blue spectrum of solar radiation, which easily penetrates through the windshield and adversely affects the person’s vision behind the wheel.

It is very effective from the glare, especially useful to use it to those people who have vision problems. Because one pair of these points will replace the two different models. Today, this segment of the optical market is actively developing. Increasingly found new samples of products that have improved or additional properties.

To buy glasses problem vision alone can not, be sure to consult an ophthalmologist, who will give advice and write out a prescription for lenses. The only way to choose the right sunglasses that will perform its direct function and will not create discomfort and additional problems.

For drivers there are many varieties points, which help improve visibility and protect eyes from glare — this and anti-reflective, polarizing, photochromic, but is a separate species, which «can» instantly adjust to changing light and give maximum protection and comfort.

Glasses for drivers photochromic: what the reviews say?

If you constantly have to wear glasses, correcting vision, and drive a car, then the ideal option for you will be points for drivers photochromic, lenses which protect the eyes from the harmful blue spectrum and UV in the car and in the open air in clear weather. At dusk, these glasses (chameleons) become transparent or have a small shade, and indoors they are completely transparent, no different from usual.

Очки для водителей фотохромные - описание, фото, отзывы, ценаCustomer reviews indicate a high comfort of use of this option, besides, you can save considerably by replacing one pair of several options. It is very convenient for people who lead an active lifestyle and move by car, it is not necessary every time to change optical devices.

Prices on these lenses are totally different. Visits to the opticians, you can find them for 500 rubles, but most likely these options will not have anything to do with the above properties. To get the quality lenses you will have to pay about 2 000, but there are products and over 6 000. The higher the price of the product, so it is better. Lenses will quickly respond to changes in lighting, making your life more comfortable. Rim to him, you can choose any.

The unique properties of the latest developments allow full-scale to protect the eyes of motorists while driving. This is a unique and comfortable product for those people who have correct vision and for those who are in this correction is not needed. Opting lenses-halemanu you replace several pairs of glasses.

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