Glasses simulators Super Vision (super vision) for the eye punching: manual, reviews, price

Glasses simulators Super Vision (super vision) are often used in modern ophthalmology for the prevention of eye diseases. Acquire their programmers, vehicle drivers and other professions who, throughout the working day can feel the increased visual load. Purchase necessary, but you first need to consult with an ophthalmologist.

The principle of operation

Очки тренажеры Super Vision (супер вижн) для глаз перфорационные: инструкция, отзывы, цена If you buy glasses simulators Super Vision (super vision) instructions for use will help you decide how to use this optical device for protection and vision correction. However, it does not hurt to understand on what principle are these progressive models. You should start with the fact that they look like a sieve, that is, contain small holes that do not obstruct vision. But why is this necessary?

The fact that the characteristic holes increase depth of field, that is, the picture falls into the area of high visual acuity. The effect of dispersion reduces visual load, that is, allows in the future to maintain the same visual acuity. In addition, the fading increased eye fatigue, and the systematic training returns to the same visual acuity.

Many patients ophthalmologists not mentally ready to wear Super Vision (super vision). Sunglasses trainers to give them psychological discomfort, provoke inferiority complex, fear of universal derision. However, this is only a first impression, because these unpleasant feelings will disappear after a few days of regular socks.

Important! Even if you think that these glasses look old-fashioned or even ridiculous, need to understand what it is — a device to correct vision and treat it as treatment. And it is not necessary to consciously give up the ability to see well, especially that eye in the modern society need increased protection.

Indications for use

Pinhole glasses Super Vision (super vision) is not only prevention, is an effective treatment of many diseases which predominate in modern ophthalmology.

Очки тренажеры Super Vision (супер вижн) для глаз перфорационные: инструкция, отзывы, ценаAmong the indications is to provide the following diagnoses:

  • presbyopia;
  • astigmatism;
  • myopia;
  • farsightedness;
  • the initial stage of strabismus.

In addition, this optical device provides 100% protection from the harmful effects of intense solar flows, which can easily burn the retina of the eye. If you conduct regular exercise, the former sharpness of vision with time is reduced, however, for such a clinical picture clearly requires a comprehensive approach to the problem.

Method of application

If seriously interested glasses simulators Super Vision (super vision), a patient testimonials will always be on the web. The most contradictory opinions, but the doctors are confident that with the right application of this optical adaptation possible to obtain a stable preventive effect either personally observe a positive dynamics of the disease.

It is therefore important to understand how to apply to daily life glasses simulators super vision for eyes (price of drug available to everyone).


  • Programmers, gamers, others for adult patients who experience periodic visual load in excess of, it is recommended to wear the device 30 minutes a day. It is very important not to focus his gaze at one point, and scatter it around the perimeter of the whole picture.
  • If the work is related to constant eye strain, wear Super Vision (super vision) will have every hour for five minutes. The same applies to students who have to waste their vision on the so-called «granite of science».
  • This medical device can easily replace the sunglasses that people wear in clear and Sunny weather for reliable protection of the retina.
  • Such prevention or treatment, it is recommended to regularly visit an ophthalmologist, to comply with all his recommendations and instructions.

    Buying this optical device preferably only in licensed optical centers of the city, and the prices are quite reasonable.

    So with the obvious problems with sharpness of vision or prevention of increased visual load is the time to pay attention to Super Vision (super vision) that prevail today in available sale.

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