Glasses simulators the Eye — description, price, photo

In today’s society people often experience increased visual load in artificial light. Such aggressive factors primarily affecting the eye and visual acuity since early childhood, leaves much to be desired. It is therefore required in advance to take care of prevention of this highly sensitive organ.

Company «Tea» was created glasses simulators «VZOR», which today decided numerous visual problems in patients of all ages. This is an excellent treatment and prevention of myopia, as well as a unique opportunity to adjust the visual load in low artificial light.

The principle of operation

If the ophthalmologist recommended glasses simulators «Eyes», ophthalmic description of this fixture will have instructions and numerous world wide web sites. The main therapeutic effect is based on the cone-shaped holes that penetrated the perforated lenses. They passing through me light flows that have a meaningful impact on the optic nerve, a beneficial effect on the muscles of the eye, prevent the worsening of cataract.

Очки-тренажеры Взор - описание, цена, фотоAmong the important preventive properties is to provide:

  • normalization of intraocular pressure;
  • the cessation of systematic attacks of migraine accompanied by increased visual load;
  • reduce fatigue;
  • activation of intraocular circulation;
  • the disappearance of small facial wrinkles in the eye area.

It is important to note that glasses simulators «Eyes» photo and any other picture make a clear, rich, and is especially effective at different stages of myopia, cataract warned.

Important! Before buying these glasses, it is important to consult a doctor that determines the feasibility of wearable optical devices.


As has become clear, it is a great protection from computer syndrome, cataracts, glaucoma, syndrome dry eye and increased visual tension. It would seem that this salvation from many troubles, which imposes the world of computers and nanotechnology, but the glasses simulators «Eyes» (the video is also represented in the network) have their contraindications.

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Among them:

  • children up to age 7 years;
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the skin, eyes.
  • hypertension;
  • the age of the disease of various etiologies.

Important! Do not neglect the contraindications to wear these glasses, because in such situations, you can only hurt.

If such restrictions do not exist, it is a progressive device will increase visual acuity, and in a relatively short time. To accelerate the therapeutic or preventive effect, all your actions require the prior approval of the attending physician.

General guidelines specialist

If you decide to buy glasses simulators «Eyes», the price varies in the range 400 – 1000 rubles, which is available to all patients ophthalmologist. However, before buying you should recall the following elementary rules:

Очки-тренажеры Взор - описание, цена, фотоThese sunglasses will definitely need programmers, accountants, teachers, office workers and drivers, since professional activities of these people is clearly associated with increased visual load.

Wear the device round the clock is contraindicated, but to engage in courses of 5 minutes three times per day is welcome, the more positive changes will be obvious after a few days.

If you decide to use this simulator for kids, it is very important to the daily training took place under strict parental supervision.

To solve the issue of bad eyesight is possible without additional surgical intervention and in the shortest possible for the patient time. Most importantly, do not self-medicate but to consult the doctor and carry this device on its recommendations.