Glasses with astigmatism: simple, complex, mixed type — price, photos, reviews

Astigmatism is characterized by the fact that the rays after refraction do not converge into a single focus. They do not have cone shape and not be able to capture the picture. The disease creates a certain curvature of the cornea. Among the meridians, there is one with a strong refraction and weak refraction. If these meridians are mutually perpendicular, then the violation is correct and easily corrected by using cylindrical glasses.

But there are cases when the disease is mixed, with glasses with astigmatism are selected with special attention.

Astigmatism glasses: advantages and disadvantages

Очки при астигматизме: простые, сложные, при смешанном типе - цена, фото, отзывыGlasses with astigmatism, photos of different models you will find in the network have the following advantages:

  • the ease of finding;
  • security because they can not give side effects;
  • accessibility.

The disadvantages include the fact that wearing such optical devices is not very convenient. Also can be intolerant of them because of the mixed type of the disease. Improperly fitted lenses can lead to further deterioration of vision. But, nevertheless, very often the correction is held with them, as contact lenses are excluded.

Vision correction glasses astigmatism: features glasses selection

As you know, the disease can take 3 forms:

  • simple;
  • complex;
  • mixed.

In each case the situation may be complicated by the fact that the basic disease can be added and other violations, for example, myopia or hyperopia. First, specialists determine the degree of deterioration of visual function and disorders of refraction in different meridians. Dependent upon the determined form of the disease.

Очки при астигматизме: простые, сложные, при смешанном типе - цена, фото, отзывыFor the treatment of a simple type of disease is wearing of lenses having a cylindrical shape or in a simple, cylindrical glasses. Complex glasses with astigmatism and mixed astigmatism are spherocylindrical. When setting cylinder, negative cylinder must be placed in the horizontal Meridian, which is weaker. Positive the cylinder is mounted on the vertical Meridian, it has high refraction.

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Not always easy to choose the right glasses when astigmatism reviews people testify that it is a long process which needs to be carried out without error, that it will continue to deteriorate visual function or not. And can also occur intolerance of these devices, which greatly complicates the situation. One reason for this problem is meridional aniseikonia. When this violation occurs an uneven amount of images that a person sees with his eyes. And it prevents the merge of two images into one. In order to choose the right lens, it is necessary to reduce the optical power in one glass or to increase it in the second.

Important! Lenses inserted into the frame, can be minus or plus. They are selected individually for each patient, it depends on what violations he is still present. Also lenses can be concave or convex.

Очки при астигматизме: простые, сложные, при смешанном типе - цена, фото, отзывыSelection of optical devices for the correction of vision in this disease is difficult. It takes a long time, because the ophthalmologist must be sure to understand the violations and to pick up the lens in such a way that they were not of discomfort for the person. When wearing glasses can present with weakness, dizziness and even pain in the eyes. You should choose lenses that not only correct the refraction of the rays but also save the patient from hyperopia or myopia.

If you are interested in glasses with astigmatism, do not forget that their price can be completely different. Depending on the progress of the disease and the work of the visual function, you can pick up cheaper and more expensive options. In any case, the appointment must be done by the doctor.

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Selection of optical glasses is a very important and complicated process in mixed and complex type of illness. You should consider all related violations, in order to make the right choice. Important responsibly to approach this question as unsuitable lenses can significantly impair vision and cause patient discomfort when used.