Glasses with myopia cure, correction: prescribe what, when and how to wear them correctly

According to statistics, 4 in 10 suffer from myopia, and is spreading is a serious disease even in children’s organisms. The most affordable treatment are glasses for myopia, which assigns the attending physician after a detailed diagnosis of the organ of vision.

Features of therapy

Precedes myopia genetic predisposition, increased visual load, eye infection, and prior surgery. Vision correction with glasses myopia is not a matter of one day, and it is important to prepare for long-term therapy.

Очки при близорукости - для лечения, исправления: какие выписывают, когда и как их правильно носитьThe main criterion of choice – glass, which is characterized as a concave divergent (negative). Their main role is to refract the rays so that the focus fell on the retina and then the image will be clear, intense. If you ignore this optical device, or the wrong thing to pick up, then the deleted pictures will be blurred, fuzzy. How to choose glasses for constant wear with myopia?

The initial stage of myopia can not be corrected only in the case if the patient when considering remote objects is not experiencing acute discomfort, inconvenience. In severe clinical pictures with no lens is not enough, however, to use them temporarily is required, i.e. to remove when working or dealing with close objects. Appropriate assignment of corrective lenses – myopia of an average degree ranges from -3 to -6 diopters, but in this case, the optical device you want to carry regularly and for a long period of time.

Important! On the question of which glasses prescribed for myopia, there is a simple answer – minus. But sometimes for the treatment of myopia of the initial degree (especially in children) used plus points. It is believed that this approach helps to rid the organs of vision from progression of myopia in the future.

Selection rules

Очки при близорукости - для лечения, исправления: какие выписывают, когда и как их правильно носитьTo choose glasses, need to know what they are and what makes them different, and how to wear glasses with myopia will suggest a doctor who wrote a prescription for them.

Glass may be mineral or organic. In the first case we are talking about the glass, which for many is a time-tested option. Lenses can be photochromic, colored and colorless, can also be slightly different thickness of glasses depending on the degree of myopia. In the second case we are talking about plastic, which offers a more advanced model for the correction of impaired vision. It can be the glasses to correct short sightedness high-index, photochromic, polycarbonate, aspheric, which have increased resistance, do not scratch.

Frames can be metal and plastic. The first option is suitable for easy, medium degree of myopia, because the arch is thin, significantly expand the field of view. As for the plastic frames, they are broad and massive, and are more suitable in severe clinical pictures with a high degree of the disease.

Очки при близорукости - для лечения, исправления: какие выписывают, когда и как их правильно носитьPatients are frequently concerned about when to wear glasses for short-sightedness? It is best not to hurry, because the early form of the disease does not require spectacle correction, and treated with the help of special exercises recommended by the attending ophthalmologist. It is also possible as a medication reading glasses with myopia without handles, considerably widening the field of view. Only they need to wear irregularly, and as if completing a set of exercises. But the treatment of myopia plus points is an individual approach that are not appropriate in all clinical pictures.

Vision correction glasses for myopia should proceed only under the supervision of a physician, and every 3 months you need to re-diagnosis with a possible variation of the diopter correction lenses. Intensive therapy it’s important to start on time, then wearing glasses with myopia will provide a stable therapeutic effect.

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