Gymnastics at norbekova of eye exercises, table, video, reviews

The technique to restore vision developed by Mirzakarim by Norbekova stated in the book «How to get rid of points?», published in 2001. According to the author, on the quality of vision is able to influence not only human physiology but also psychology.Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывы

On account of the effectiveness of this technique is constant debate between professionals and patients. Of course, to make your own opinion about the effectiveness of the proposed exercises it is possible only in case, if you apply them, observing a positive result or the lack of it. You should also read the book and understand its essence.

The technique norbekova

Many people are fighting for their sight, in some it deteriorates with age, while others suffer from hereditary or acquired diseases. Scientist Norbekov has presented to mankind a special technique that combines Eastern healing systems and modern medical practices. Gymnastics at Norbekova for eyes combines two important principles:

  • psychological;
  • physiological.

Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывыThe essence of the psychological principle, to convince myself in the strength, health, to get rid of feelings of weakness, sickness and uncertainty. People have to tune themselves for recovery, and plan for the future and to perceive reality as temporary inconveniences. It is very important to upgrade spiritually to the upgrading and recovery occurred in the human body.

But that method better vision is not finished. The psychological aspect plays a very important role, but cannot give effective results without affecting the physiology of a person. To make the cure effective, you need to do special exercises designed to strengthen eye muscles. The main complex is borrowed from the methods of Dr. Bates, working in America.Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывы

Proven to work on the eye condition through exercise gives a very good result, getting rid of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia. But if you want to cure diseases such as cataracts or atrophic optic nerve, this is to be expected. Although the author’s arguments focused on what you can get rid of such severe diseases, but, unfortunately, these changes are irreversible.

Exercises to improve vision

In order to cope with the disease and improve the quality of vision, it is necessary to do special exercises, with the procedure for 30 minutes a day. Before to start, it should be recharged with positive energy, smiling widely. According to the author, the posture is of great importance in the process of gymnastics, and gymnastics is better to keep your back and neck straight.

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All the exercises are separated and affect different functions of vision organ:

  • Strengthening the eye muscles: this exercise should move the eyeball in a circle, from top to bottom and Vice versa.
  • For the prevention and cure of strabismus: you must follow the tip of your finger that close to the nose. Then point gradually removed. The second part of the exercise is to change the look that a patient moves from the tip of the nose to the objects at the sides.
  • Exercise on the accommodation: stick on the window brand or any other picture. Strike a pose in 25 centimeters from the window and begin the exercise. Look at the brand should alternate with a look at a distant object, which is outside the window of your home.
  • Breeding axles: need to focus their gaze on two fingers, presented it to his nose. When the fingers are bred in different directions, people should try to follow each of them.
  • Exercise to relax the optic bodies: it can be actively blinking or cover the face with palms. At the same time to put pressure on the optic bodies is prohibited.
  • To get acquainted with the methodology for conducting these exercises, you can view the video of norbekova gymnastics:

    Gymnastics for eyes norbekova will help you to correctly perform rehabilitative exercises to cope with problems. Changes you will notice after some time after the beginning of exercise if you do them correctly and regularly.

    The changes that occur as a result of carrying out a complex of exercises are in the form of waves. This means that the improvement occurs gradually over two hours, there is improvement, then the patient’s condition is deteriorating. And in the process of these fluctuations, a person’s vision gradually comes back to normal. Every day exercise is a shift on the road to recovery.

    It is very important in the course of employment not to reduce the pace of their conduct. Many patients believe that if the vision is slightly improved, then you can skip exercise, but this is a mistake. Of course, to achieve 100% result does not work, but if you treat the technique with the responsibility, but you can achieve positive dynamics.

    How to work with the table?

    The methodology is designed for independent use, although the author of the book and recommends it only after prior consultation with an ophthalmologist. Feature of gymnastics for the eyes norbekova — table, which is designed to track the achieved results and the progress of the work. This method was developed for complex work on the vision. First, you need to strengthen your spirit and believe that recovery will come.

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    The first step on the road to health is a muscle corset. To do this, sit straight, keep your back and abdominal muscles. Improved mood is a signal to start the exercise. The author argues that such a positive attitude and gives you the opportunity to get the desired results from the exercises. But one positive attitude can not cope with the task, so you need to figure out how to work with the table.Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывы

    If a person suffers from hyperopia, it is necessary to place the sheet with the table at a distance of 15 inches from the eye. People suffering from myopia, it is recommended to put the table at arm’s length. If the disease has affected only one eye, then the technique, healthy eyes covers the hand, you can also use the bandage. There are occasions when one eye farsightedness sick, and the second short-sightedness, in this case, the work table is carried out alternately, observing the different distances for each eye.Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывы

    If the patient has a disease such as glaucoma or retinal dystrophy, it is recommended to follow the General rules when performing exercises and at the same time as to relax your eyes. To learn how to use a table when performing exercises on this method, you must first determine its working line. Position the sheet at a specified distance and look closely at the letters. Line, after which letters will be visible vague, and the words will merge, and will be your working place.

    If you correctly perform all the exercises, and do them regularly, positive dynamics will be visible and you will have to gradually switch from the working line. But do not hurry, it is very important to fix the result as much as possible and not faster to change a string.

    List all stages of reconstruction of functions of organ of vision by technique norbekova:

  • The launch of view, this stage can last for several days and is a preparatory.
  • The recovery phase. It lasts about a week and helps to normalize vision.
  • The development of normal vision. This stage is to develop conditioned reflexes, and it is the long (about one month).
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    Advantages and disadvantages

    If you assess the method which was created by Norbekov, gymnastics for eyes reviews is totally different. Some patients say about its extraordinary efficiency and effectiveness, other people are highly critical of the methodology, and do not find it any good. But in each case it is necessary to experience the exercises for yourself, to give them an adequate assessment.

    The author focuses the readers ‘ attention at that moment that the exercises are impossible without proper anger management. You will also need meditation, self-hypnosis and a positive attitude. And positive emotions in the healing process play a key role in achieving a positive effect.Гимнастика по норбекову для глаз - упражнения, таблица, видео, отзывы

    This technique has its contraindications, they consist in the prohibition to perform the exercises to people who suffer from epilepsy, are pregnant, suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction. And also forbidden to engage those who have mental disorders or have had a heart attack. These contraindications are related to the fact that not fully investigated the effect of exercise on the human psyche.

    Specialists in ophthalmology refer to this technique with skepticism, and its effectiveness is not scientifically proven. And some experts do consider it sectarian, and this is due not only to its influence on human physiology, but also on his Outlook. But also official medicine and not taken to deny the benefit of these exercises that were developed by Norbekova. The more that a positive attitude is not only important in the treatment of diseases of the eye, but also in other diseases.