Gymnastics for eyes for preschoolers — exercises, pictures, tasks, photos, videos

Many parents begin to notice that with the pre-school visual acuity of their children drops significantly, and you have to register to the ophthalmologist to wear glasses and do not always a pleasant procedure. To keep a clear vision of his child, doctors strongly recommend to perform simple exercises that will strengthen the muscles of the fundus and will give tangible form to the eyes even if you sit at the last Desk. To learn more about the importance of gymnastics for the eyes of children you can out of our article.

Гимнастика для глаз для дошкольников - упражнения, картинки, задачи, фото, видео

But what is a gymnastics for eyes for preschoolers? How to properly execute it and when to for many years to maintain visual acuity? E. S. Avetisov offered several training facilities that every student can perform at any minute, perceiving them as a game or fun.

The first training complex

To improve the circulation of intraocular fluid and blood are required every day to perform the exercises with few repetitions. Such actions will be effective and for the prevention of, and with the available myopia.

Thickly blinking eyelashes, thus dissipating the clarity of vision, giving tired eyes a rest. To perform this movement for 1 minute, then a few seconds rest and repeat another 7 approaches.

Pull the upper eyelid on the bottom, at the same time as to strain the eyeballs. After a few seconds of elevated tension can finally relax. Such repetitions should too 7.

Press index fingers on the outer corners of both eyes, and then drag them to the inside corners and back. The amount of movement to perform 8 times, after which you can relax.Гимнастика для глаз для дошкольников - упражнения, картинки, задачи, фото, видео

The Activity «Chinese». Using the index fingers of both hands to stretch the eye in a narrow slit, and then try to blink at least 5 – 7 times. Relax your eyelids, and after a couple of minutes to perform 7 approaches.

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Be sure to look at the surrounding area: first, focus the eyes on an imaginary line of the horizon, and then gradually dissipate it to the visual object began to bifurcate. After 30 seconds, relax and exhale. The number of repetitions is at their discretion.

Important! Performing gymnastics at first can be represented in the form of a game that the child was not a burden to exercises, and they quickly became a habit.

If it is not clear how to correctly perform exercises for the eyes for preschoolers, videos, training complex will allow to navigate on the spot and improvise. Nothing complicated, but parents can be assured that the sight of their child is not in danger.

The following video provides exercises that you can complete and the other:

The second training complex

The following gymnastics for eyes for preschoolers prevents short-sightedness and far-sightedness, enhances visual acuity, but also eliminates unpleasant ripples before my eyes, which is usually provoked by increased visual activity and load.


  • Within one minute of blinking eyes, like a butterfly, gently lowering and raising of the eyelids of both eyes.
  • First tightly shut right eye, and a few seconds left. To repeat the sequence for 1 minute, resembling a traffic light.
  • Visually draw a large circle clockwise, and then also invented to define it counterclockwise. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  • Not blinking the eyes for one minute, thus to peer at one point.
  • To put before the eyes of the subject and constantly moving, providing the work to the eyes of the monitoring object.
  • To translate the look from right to left and back over 20 times without a break.
  • To dissipate look to all pictures before double vision or acquired three-dimensional shape.
  • If you are interested in such exercises for the eyes for preschoolers photos and pictures you can find on the Internet. In addition, the child will help the arrows that indicate what direction you need to translate the look.Гимнастика для глаз для дошкольников - упражнения, картинки, задачи, фото, видео

    Gymnastics pictures

    A few years ago in the free market was a diary with an interesting cover where you can see different three-dimensional shapes, if you look closely, of course. Not all parents understand this «feature», but only later learned that this is the most simple and effective exercises for the eyes for preschoolers in pictures, which can perform at least at each change.

    You just need to look at the colorful picture and try to discern the image that will appear as if in three-dimensional space. Happen maybe not immediately, but long training will help to overcome this challenge. But the main thing is that this exercises for the eyes for preschoolers with pictures, non-threatening way improve eyesight and prevent the exacerbation of many eye diseases. By the way, these three-dimensional images can be found on the Internet and look at them from the screen without any harm to health. Their name — stereoscopic images for training view.Гимнастика для глаз для дошкольников - упражнения, картинки, задачи, фото, видео

    Visual exercise for students

    When the necessary gymnastics for eyes for preschoolers, the objectives very clearly – to improve the quality of vision and protect against health problems. If a child doesn’t want to blink or to blink and any eye movement cause his face a grimace of boredom or fear, then there is a worthy alternative that can interest any student.

    Important! eyes exercise for preschoolers on the computer is not the proper approach to the problem, because the monitor can only put visual acuity. If there are no other options, such training should be short-lived.

    You must select the task where you want to find the same images 10 differences per minute, for example. This is very interesting, exciting, but most importantly they value the training of attention and speed of reaction. For the first time, you can slightly increase the time interval, but then to go to a single runtime, suggested exercises – 1 minute. Overall, it’s really even for a first grader, and the older kids can exercise and a little harder.