Gymnastics for eyes with myopia in children and adults in pictures, photos, videos

Myopia call this state of man, in which he disturbed visual function. The perception of objects that are at different distances from the eye. In this state, visible objects are no further than 30 cm from the eyes, other objects further away are seen blurred.

In traditional medicine for the treatment of this disease use glasses. It helps to see all objects located at different distances. In alternative medicine the cure is exercises for the eyes with myopia, which speaks of its efficiency.Гимнастика для глаз при близорукости у детей и взрослых в картинках, фото, видео

Gymnastics for the eyes

Gymnastics for eyes with myopia is quite simple and effective. You don’t have to spend a lot on this treatment and soon the result will be tangible. This exercise takes place between classes or work and allows you to unload and relax the visual organs.

As we know, wearing glasses is not able to cure myopia in the child, so you need to teach him how to do exercises properly, it is possible to view the gymnastics for eyes with myopia, the video that you will find online. In addition to the developed complex of exercises which you should perform every day or even several times, there are exercises that you can perform in everyday life. For their fulfillment you will not have to break away from the main classroom.Гимнастика для глаз при близорукости у детей и взрослых в картинках, фото, видео

For this, walking down the street, move your eyes from distant points on close objects. When meeting with someone, focus on his face, as if recognizing him. When you are in public transport or sit in the car, you can do the following exercise: with distant objects move your eyes on the glass.

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To correct nearsightedness and to teach a child to properly perform the exercises, there are exercises for the eyes with myopia in the pictures, it helps to study the course. Gymnastics for eyes with myopia in children should be supplemented with a healthy lifestyle and daily routine. You need to eat foods that have a positive influence on vision, more fresh air and be in front of the computer no more than 30 minutes a day.
Efficient and gymnastics for children using video — tracking moving pictures, the child will perform the required movement:

The basic exercises

Gymnastics for eyes with myopia in pictures for children includes a set of exercises, which is the basis and classes for adults:

  • 5 seconds of screwed up eyes tight, then open them at the same time, repeat 6 times.
  • Active blinking for several minutes.
  • Fixing the gaze on the thumb of his outstretched right hand for 5 seconds, repeat 10 times.
  • Fixing the gaze on the finger of the right hand that is slowly coming to the eyes.
  • In the standing position attach arm to the right index finger to the side. Try to see your finger in his peripheral vision, without turning his head, and slowly move the hand from right to left. So repeated 10 times,
  • Massage lightly age range for 1 minute.
  • Sitting in a comfortable position with three fingers of the hand press on the upper eyelids. Do 3-4 sets of 2 seconds.
  • As already mentioned, these exercises can be considered basic, read more about exercises for eyes for kids you can learn from this article, and the methods for adults — or in this material.

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    For clarity, gymnastics for eyes with myopia photos can be viewed online, they will help the child and adult quickly learn the exercises correctly and to implement them. Very effective exercises for eyes with myopia, images compiled by experts and understandable for children. But we should not forget that the treatment of myopia is hard work, exercise is necessary to carry out systematically to make regular walking in the street, eat a healthy diet and reduce the time spent in front of computer and TV.