Gymnastics for the eyes for children kindergarten, preschool and school-age children (in pictures, photos, video, online)

Computer and sedentary children lead to early weakening of sight, while in Junior high, myopia becomes almost the norm. However, such a rule is unlikely someone to have. To protect children’s eyes and help to maintain the vision at a high level, developed exercises for the eyes for children of school and preschool age.Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

Why you need to do exercises for the eyes?

The main cause of visual impairment in children is a sedentary lifestyle and attachment to the computer. The computer located at the distance of 0.5-1 meter from the eyes — this is the point at which directed children’s eyes most of the time. Thus the eye muscles responsible for to look into the distance, sideways, up, or down, stop working. The weakening of these muscles leads to short-sightedness.

Charging for eyes helps maintain them in normal condition, to stop the development of myopia and astigmatism. The exercises allow the group to maximise the eye muscles and thus to maintain them in good shape.

Important! Regular, several times a day, the eye exercise can not only stop the progression of myopia, but also to restore vision. And for healthy eyes gymnastics — the best prevention!

Enough to spend on this lesson is only 15-20 minutes a day to maintain healthy eyes of children.Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

What is gymnastics for the eyes?

Beginning with preschool, exercises for the eyes for children is considered the best preventive remedy for the eyes. Specially for this purpose developed a special set of exercises depending on age. The earliest charge is recommended for children from 3 years. However, in this age, the child actively explores the world and his eyes always work well, with the exception of congenital abnormalities or injury. Exercises for 3 year old kids should be doing in order to gym became a habit. In this age group recommended simple relaxation exercises.

Ages gymnastics complexes share so:

  • 3-4 years: the first exercises are simple exercises;
  • 5-7 years: relaxing exercises after sessions of communication with the computer;
  • 7-10 years: relaxing exercises you can add complex, aimed at strengthening the eye muscles;
  • 10-14 years: relaxing and firming muscle complexes are already mandatory combination;
  • over 14 years: exercises are no different from those recommended for adults.
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Overall, most of the exercises are universal, but each age may have some restrictions or additions.Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

Yourself eye exercises are divided into three groups, which can be divided into different complexes that can participate in the same exercises.

Relaxation exercises or exercises to improve blood supply to the eyes: they should do each time the child breaks away from the computer and not less than once per hour.

Exercises to strengthen the eye muscles it is better to start making as soon as the child went to school; generally the complex is done 2 times a day.

Exercises for the improvement of accommodation or the ability to quickly switch attention to equidistant objects. Exercises of this group can be done every day.

Important! It is desirable that the school exercises for the eyes for children were also conducted. Simple systems that can conduct the teacher, help to maintain the vision and together with home workouts will bring excellent results. Older child can do on their own at recess.

Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

What else will help keep the child’s vision is strong?

If the main problem affecting vision is a computer or a TV, so to protect the child’s vision by limiting the time spent with them. Of course, it is forcibly incorrectly and sometimes impossible. One of the humane and useful and fun ways — is to make time for games with the whole family. Board games with their parents where exciting any shooters, weekend such gatherings can last for the whole evening.

Games can be selected such that it will also become a kind of gymnastics for the eyes. Importantly, at these sessions the child was not looking at one point, but constantly moving the gaze.Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

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The second method, which will surely help the child – it is a sport. But it is important that in the selected sport eyes was the most involved. Significant benefits eyes will be off of a Bicycle, rollers, skating, skateboard, skiing, snowboarding, all types of shooting, sailing and parachuting, sports orientation, active tourism sports and more. As soon as the child begins to enjoy success in real life, the Internet will recede into the background. These classes train the camera eye «by default», because you have to look at different things and at different distances.

Examples of exercises for the eyes for children

In order to select the optimal complex of view, it is best to consult with a specialist. The fact that the more complex the exercise, the more important to perform them correctly. And learn it better than the professionals.

There are even special courses — gymnastics for eyes for kids online that can be very useful:

In addition, you can learn about exercises for the eyes for children with pictures where you can see how to perform the exercises.Гимнастика для глаз для детей детского сада, дошкольного и школьного возраста (в картинках, фото, видео, онлайн)

However, there is a basic universal set of exercises, useful for both adults and children. It does not require much effort and time.

Here are five of the most common exercises:

  • The exercise is performed sitting or standing. Head straight. Eyes to look right, then straight. Left, then right. Also up and down. The exercise is repeated 3-5 times.
  • Perform a circular motion through the eyes 5 times in a clockwise direction. 5 counter – clockwise.
  • A slightly more complicated variant of the previous exercise: write down the eyes are not circles, and eights. Also 5 times clockwise and against.
  • Looking out the window: put your hand forward and concentrate the vision on the index finger, then look into the distance. Repeat the exercise 5 times
  • Again at the window: relax and close your eyes, then widely open and look into the distance. Repeat 5 times.
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    Gymnastics for the eyes for children is slightly different. Here are 5 exercises for 5-year age:

  • For a few seconds, often blinking, then close your eyes count to five.
  • Close your eyes, count to five. Then look at distant object
  • At arm’s length in front of the child led by the hand to the left, right, up then down, so he followed the finger with your eyes, without turning his head.
  • Put your hand on and look at your index finger 5 seconds, then the same distance.
  • Perform circular movements of the eyes in one and the other side.
  • All exercises must be repeated 5 times.

    Vision of children is one of the biggest ones. Impaired vision in childhood can lead to loss of confidence, bad for performance, and hence on the ability to get a good education in the future. The sight of the child need to protect and preserve, and gymnastics in this fight is one of the most important places.