Hardware correction of vision in children: contraindications, reviews, price, photos, videos

To correct problems associated with impaired vision in childhood use of hardware methods of correction. This allows you to enhance visual function with the goal of preventing its further deterioration, and to achieve positive dynamics in the treatment of diseases. And in some cases this method is the only valid method of treatment.

Indications for hardware correction

Hardware correction of sight at children is more effective in such diseases, which are associated with disturbed muscular apparatus, or impaired coordination.

Аппаратная коррекция зрения у детей: противопоказания, отзывы, цена, фото, видеоIt is prescribed to patients suffering from such diseases:

  • strabismus;
  • amblyopia;
  • impaired function of binocular vision;
  • accommodation spasms;
  • astigmatism;
  • farsightedness;
  • myopia;
  • asthenopia;
  • incomplete atrophy of the optic nerve;
  • glaucoma;
  • macular degeneration, if it occurs in the dry form;
  • as rehabilitation after surgery;
  • post-inflammatory condition.

Hardware correction of vision in children: reviews

Today is a very popular hardware correction of vision in children, photo sessions can be viewed on the websites of eye clinics. It is usually administered in the form of sessions, designed for 5 – 10 times. The sessions are composed of several different techniques, individually chosen for each patient.

Аппаратная коррекция зрения у детей: противопоказания, отзывы, цена, фото, видеоAnd because the laser correction of vision at an early age is unacceptable, these recovery tools are actively used against the children, especially since many of them are held in the form of games. Hardware vision correction in children contraindications is rather relative. It can be very early age of the patient or his individual characteristics, such as disturbed psyche and so forth. Therefore, in each case, the rationality of this technique is determined by the doctor.

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The parents of the children and the doctors who treat them, in many cases see significant improvement. Complications can arise related to a particular disease. To cope with the existing disease is also possible with the help of these techniques, and it helps to get rid of glasses.

For the treatment and prevention of the above diseases clinic that spetsializiruyutsya on services for children, equipped with such devices:

  • electrical stimulation microprocessor;
  • medical therapy of the visual organs that have the effect of fixing;
  • stimulation of the visual analyzer using light;
  • exercises that can help train the provision of accommodation.

Important! As evidenced by patient feedback, therapeutic methods carried out with the help of special equipment, help not only to strengthen the visual function, but also to improve it without surgery. The course may be determined and assigned only by an ophthalmologist. At one time the patient is 4 or 5 machines, it takes from one hour to 1.5 hours.

Devices that can be used in the treatment of children:

  • Of a computer program. They are very effective in the development of strabismus and impaired binocular perception.
  • Tumbler glasses «breeze Azmat». This method helps to improve blood circulation, stimulates oxygen flow to the ocular tissues. It is indicated for eye fatigue and for the treatment of many diseases.
  • Electrical stimulation – 2. When using such devices impact the eyes is carried out using a current having a low degree of intensity. This method is effective in amblyopia, myopia, degenerative disorders of the retina, optic nerve and spasm of accommodation.
  • «Trickle» helps to eliminate myopia, spasm and reduce fatigue of the visual organs.
  • Clitomegaly stimulator has a beneficial effect on the function of the optic nerve, the accommodation and the retina.
  • Using a laser stimulator improve eye function, it allows to enhance tissue nutrition, and to deal with functional disorders of the body.
  • Magnetotherapy affects the eye using a magnetic field, it is effective in diseases such as bleeding in the eye, keratitis, iridocyclitis, thrombosis of eye vessels, neuritis and others.
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    Hardware correction of vision in children: price

    As for pricing, hardware correction of vision in children video which can be found on specialized sites, will cost the patient from 10 000 to 15 000 rubles. The price is quite conditional, since it may vary in each individual case. For example, for each patient can be chosen a different course and different duration, which determines the price. Also the cost of this treatment may be higher or lower depending on the clinic that provides such services.

    It’s worth noting that the rate of such treatment has a beneficial effect on child health. This way you can increase visual acuity, relieve fatigue and enhance their performance. But it must be remembered that the treatment available only on prescription and after thorough examination.

    Of the following video you can find out what hardware treatment of children: