Hardware vision correction contraindications, reviews, photos, price

Hardware vision correction in high demand at all times because it successfully combines non-surgical methods of restoring the sharpness of vision. Many patients ophthalmologist, fearing to go on operations, preferred this method, although it provides for a very long period of treatment and recovery.

Its distinguishing feature is the lack of age restrictions, that is, to be a hardware correction in children, however, strictly on the testimony of the attending physician. Every year in ophthalmology there were new machines that provide sustained therapeutic effect, and today progress is made to cure even complicated eye disease quickly and without surgery.

Indications for the procedure

Hardware vision correction feedback is mostly positive, because the list of diseases which guaranteed a stable therapeutic effect is broad enough.


  • presbyopia;
  • amblyopia;
  • myopia and other forms of broken refraction of the eye;
  • disruption of binocular vision;
  • strabismus;
  • degeneration of the retina;
  • the initial degree of glaucoma;
  • asthenopia;
  • the astigmatism.

In addition, it is a great prevention of increased visual load when reading or prolonged work in front of a computer screen, as well as effective recovery after surgical intervention on the retina. Among the indications additionally, it is worth noting the partial atrophy of the optic nerve.

Important! Hardware procedure is an excellent prevention of diseases of the eye and impaired visual function.

Contraindications for the procedure

Not all are allowed hardware vision correction, contraindications narrow the list of patients.

Аппаратная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, отзывы, фото, ценаIt is important to note that the restrictions apply to the following diagnoses and pathological States:

  • inflammatory processes in the organs of vision;
  • infectious diseases of the eye in a stage of relapse;
  • disturbed eye blood circulation;
  • progressive myopia;
  • cataract;
  • separate disease of the skin;
  • caution in pregnancy, lactation.
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For such cases, this technique is fraught with serious health problems, therefore pre-requires to consult an ophthalmologist to find the «sweet spot» for the vision correction.

Known methods

Ambliokor is a special training based on conditioned reflex technology for early recovery of the Central nervous system controls processes that occur in the so-called «visual analyzer». That is, the brain gets the opportunity to improve visual perception of images and normalize the same sharpness of vision.

Аппаратная коррекция зрения - противопоказания, отзывы, фото, ценаSoftware computer includes a huge number of programs, which aim to enhance the visual reserves of the eye in extensive lesions the eye. This method is particularly relevant in amblyopia, myopia, strabismus, any visual strain, spasm of accommodation, and also provides a unique opportunity to quickly recover, promote the development of binocular vision.

Synoptophore is a special device, which contributes to the normalization of binocular vision in strabismus, provides high-quality training of the eye and determines the objective angle of strabismus horizontally.

Amblyopyrum is another progressive instrument in ophthalmology, but its use is appropriate primarily in amblyopia, when obviously functional underdevelopment of the retina from early childhood.

If the patient is assigned to a hardware vision correction, photos and any other image will be clear and rich only after a long period of time.

Important! Regularity and consistency is the key to the success of therapeutic treatment; otherwise, the expected therapeutic effect and will not be achieved. Also a mandatory part of therapy is regular visits to the ophthalmologist, control the positive dynamics of the disease.

Depending on which method is hardware-based vision correction, the price of this treatment varies from several hundred to several thousand. The cost is also affected by the nature of the pathology and the reputation of the clinic where the procedure will be performed.

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Hardware correction is recommended for many people with visual impairments and it gives pretty good results, of course, in that case, if you seek help on time, complete assigned course and to implement all recommendations of the attending physician.