How much are colored contacts and what are their differences (type, manufacturer, features)

Many patients ophthalmologist and not only a lively interest, how much are colored contacts? The fact that this modern device for inconspicuous correction of vision have also become eye-catching accessory, highlight selected image, just dream-come-true. To select such lenses can a man with any vision disorders such as myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and other.

Colored lenses — new image every day

Сколько стоят цветные линзы и в чем состоят их различия (тип, производитель, особенности)Now you can not only restore visual acuity, but also to radically change the eye color, deepen brand image and to conquer surrounding its novelty. A choice of not only the lenses that change the color of the iris, but also with images, such models are suitable for special occasions — extraordinary events, theme parties, and just to impress others with an image created in a single unusual style.

So the price issue is particularly relevant, especially because everyone knows that such purchase is not cheap. But still I would like specifics, so on a given topic is definitely worth to talk in more detail.

The right choice

To say offhand how much are contact lenses colored, difficult because pricing depends on brand, quantity of pieces in packing, quality and place of purchase. Despite the variety of models, patients ophthalmologist choose certain options that are wildly popular already not the first year.

Сколько стоят цветные линзы и в чем состоят их различия (тип, производитель, особенности)Under the famous brand Johnson&Johnson issued color models are Acuvue Colours, made using the latest technology of silicone hydrogel. In one pack is 6 units, change which is recommended every two weeks. Quality proven over the years, and the convenience and practicality of the products is not in doubt. Is such a pleasure about 2 000 roubles, but to find the goods not all the centers of the optics.

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Сколько стоят цветные линзы и в чем состоят их различия (тип, производитель, особенности)Serial production the company is engaged in Multi-Curve that best adapts its models to the cornea, making them discreet and comfortable. With the advanced technology, they provide the breathable effect, so the syndrome of «dry eye» will not bother, and protection from UV exposure is provided at 100%. The cost of production of the order of 1500 rubles, which is very noticeable, especially when you consider that in one package 2 units.

Korean models of the manufacturer of the Doll Eye is a unique development, as represented by contact lenses glow, change colors, visually enlarge the eyes, give an element of mystery. This is an expensive purchase, as in its pricing policy may exceed the amount of 3 000 rubles. But the result is really worth it and not cause difficulties in everyday wear.

Important! The price of lenses will vary not only from manufacturer but also about where you are going to buy them.

Сколько стоят цветные линзы и в чем состоят их различия (тип, производитель, особенности)A rich palette of colors offers the manufacturer of FreshLook ColorBlends, the more the proposed model successfully correcting visual acuity. Contact lenses designed for monthly replacement that developed a unique technology that simulates the native iris. The original design and convenience make this product very popular, and it costs the order of 1000 – 2000 rubles depending on the number of packages and modifications.

Brand Bausch & Lomb manufactures innovative tools for effective vision correction has the first decade, and the proposed products are of the highest quality, compliance with European standards, the convenience and practicality. Review of prices is quite extensive, for example, models are available for 600 rubles, but there are also options for 1 200 rubles and above.

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If the question is how much are colored contacts, it’s decided, it’s time to choose. In this case, you must consult your ophthalmologist to said parameters, which corresponds to the index of view in a particular case. Then vision correction and a new way of problem certainly does not arise, although to visit an ophthalmologist is required with extreme regularity.