How much are glasses for adults, adolescents and children types, photos, price

Many people with impaired eyesight — myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism have to wear glasses because it is the most accessible and safe method of vision correction. They are used in children and adults. And sometimes they simply cannot be replaced, so they become the only option for normal vision.

All this creates points for popularity. Of course, the correct selection of glasses begins with a visit to the ophthalmologist, but before you make the purchase on the issued prescription, it is necessary to know something. In this article we take a look at the criteria for the selection of those devices, and how much glasses, product reviews analyse.

How much are glasses: socket products

The rim should be not only convenient for you but also hypoallergenic. Cheap material can cause allergies to the skin or eye irritation, so it’s best not to take items from a tray in the subway, and order them in special shops.

Сколько стоят очки для зрения для взрослых, подростков и детей - виды, фото, ценаAlso important is the ease of use, if the socket is too tight, it will disturb the blood circulation of the face, and you will not be able to exploit it when you need it. It is better to choose though cheap, but made in good salons glasses specially for you.

If you are interested in, how much are glasses for children, for teenagers and large, it is largely their price depends on the material of the rim.

For this purpose you can use:

  • metal;
  • plastic.

In the first case can be applied to steel or titanium, and as for plastic, there may be different variations. Harder metal products, and plastic easier. Besides, metal is easily heated by the sun and cools down quickly in the cold, what can be said about plastic. Choose a convenient, practical, the frame can be in the range of 500 – 900 rubles, if you look in specialized shops. Of course, the trays such products are cheaper, but better not to risk your health. If you follow the image, then points from well-known brands will cost from 15 000 rubles and more, depending on work, grade, build quality and design. Branded models can be purchased for 1500 – 6000 rubles, and a decent mount for the lenses can be found today at any price.

Important! Choosing the frame is not worth saving: it needs to be not only lightweight and durable, but also comfortable, because you may have to wear it all day.

Today, impaired vision occurs in many teenagers and even kids, so the question is, how much are glasses for children, particularly relevant. Here it is worth emphasizing that price is not significantly different from adult models. All the same depends on the brand of the product material and its quality. Viable option for a child can buy for the same money as any adult.

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How much are glasses for vision price lens material

How much are glasses in Omsk, Moscow or any other city, depends not only on their frames, but also on the quality and material of the lenses. The choice today must be made between glass or plastic. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. To know how expensive glasses to view, and you in special online stores, you can see the photos of different models.

Сколько стоят очки для зрения для взрослых, подростков и детей - виды, фото, ценаIf you prefer glass lenses, the price will be approximately 150 – 1500 roubles, depending on quality. They are heavier, and in some countries it is forbidden to make such glasses for children, because they are more traumatic. As for the plastic, the cost of such lenses is less, you can purchase them for the bag and from 150 to 250 rubles, and they are easier to break them is very difficult. But their surface is more susceptible to various kinds of damages — scratches, dents, which adds to worries in their care and use.

Such models can be divided in prices depending on the manufacturer. For example, for plastic glasses Chinese production will have to pay 50 rubles for a Korean appliance – up to 1000 rubles, Japanese lenses cost about 2000 rubles, for a product of German production can be given more than 4000 rubles. This is the price of the base product, then the price increases depending on their special properties, design and quality.

Сколько стоят очки для зрения для взрослых, подростков и детей - виды, фото, ценаIf the product is marked AS out, it means that the lens is aspherical. It helps to see more accurately. The price of this product comes to 4000, but can be purchased for 300 rubles simple model. Also, the product can be chosen depending on the coating that protects your eyes in bright light and in the dark, scratch protection and profile.

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If you need vision correction, then buy the inexpensive, but custom prescription glasses can be in the range of 500 rubles. If you need the special properties of lenses such as the anti-scratch coating, aspheric shape, ease or overstrength, the price of them can vary from 1500 to 30000 rubles.

Important! As for products, the prices here are endless. You will have to pay more for an original design, handmade, elegance, special features and of course the brand manufacturer.

In today’s world every person can afford to buy comfortable goggles designed specifically for him, regardless of his level of income, age, social status and other factors. The difference in price, as you can see, can be measured in the tens of thousands of rubles, then this margin for design, brand and trademark, which in no way affects the quality of vision of the user.