How much is laser vision correction and what determines this amount

Laser microcurrency allows you to refuse the wearing of glasses and lenses. Modern ophthalmic center allows you to correct vision painlessly and with a hundred percent efficiency. On average, surgery on both eyes, with medical and all survey costs to the patient in forty thousand roubles. Clinical intervention this level requires an individual approach for left and right eyes.Сколько стоит лазерная коррекция зрения и отчего зависит эта сумма

Advanced cases of the disease impaired vision can cause additional complications, which affect both eyes. The left side can be affected, and the right to stay healthy. For example, if a gradual progressive deterioration of vision, can develop astigmatism, which affects only one side. This disease goes unnoticed on the background of a General deterioration, but to identify him only by the comprehensive examination in modern clinic.

This approach is reflected in the cost of operations, respectively, the treatment of each eye has an individual price.

Important! If the disease individual eyes are identified during the medical studies, the total transaction amount may increase by a few thousand. Regarding astigmatism, the price will increase by two thousand rubles.

The cost of the operation

Before surgery, the patient is being examined, in particular, the test for retinal detachment. Quite recently it was determined possible complications in conducting foreign operations, including the ability to birth naturally. Modern equipment allows to diagnose and to strengthen the retina before the operation. Of course, it is included in the cost of the treatment and accounts for a considerable percentage of the total amount of research. The operation itself is fast.

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After applying special anesthetic drops the patient is accompanied into the operating room. Next, a special laser device cuts the outer layer of the eyeball, corrects vision. It is worth noting that the types of laser devices and methods of operations are different. Accordingly, varies the value of their work. Correction «Lasik» is the most common and affordable in price.Сколько стоит лазерная коррекция зрения и отчего зависит эта сумма

What in the end?

After surgery, the person can immediately evaluate the result, and despite the flowing tears, to see the world in a new way- and it’s worth it. Understanding that the expensive procedure is worth the money, comes with crisp pictures and new sensations of life. But the treatment ends. For correct function of vision will take some time to take the prescribed drugs. Their cost is in the amount of the transaction is not included, but usually is a cheap eye drops.Сколько стоит лазерная коррекция зрения и отчего зависит эта сумма

The subsequent procedure eye tests could reveal additional complications that require surgical intervention. On a budget this can be reflected in the amount of several thousand rubles.

Important! Such a nasty factor, as a repeat operation, not to annoy and disheartened, because health is the most expensive. Moreover, there are such situation not so often.

Professional medical centers vision correction appreciate every client and care primarily about his health and not of the purse. Providing convenient payment methods and best pobremente conditions is the hallmark of a self-respecting center of laser eye microsurgery. So the choice of the treating institution should be approached responsibly and carefully in order not to regret a random choice.

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Of the following video, you will learn what is laser vision correction and how surgery, which is definitely worth it to pay to restore sight: