How to care for glasses vision — how and what to wash, to clean, to wipe

Every patient ophthalmologist should know how to care for glasses vision right. Such simple actions as personal hygiene, must be present in the daily life daily, and run on «automatic», that is, mechanically.

Some of the patients recently prescribed wear corrective lenses, you wonder why you need such details to care; but really it’s obvious. The fact that glasses can stain, dust, in addition, they often remain potiranie fingerprints, markedly deteriorating the sharpness of vision. To avoid such minor troubles, you need to know how to wipe glasses, and how often to do it?

Basic rules

Before talking about the rules, it is worth Recalling that corrective lenses are plastic and glass, which means some of the nuances of care. For example, for glass option there are special liquids and wet wipes, which you simply wipe clean with a optics, and visual acuity returning to normal. Sold in every pharmacy, do not require additional consultations of narrow-purpose specialist.

Как ухаживать за очками для зрения - как и чем их мыть, чистить, протиратьBut for progressive plastic models, such care is clearly not fit, except that the cloth should be made of microfiber. That is why, before to wipe the glasses, you need to remind yourself that plastic in its structure, soft, brittle, easily scratched and deteriorating rapidly, demanding immediate replacement of optical devices for high-quality vision correction.

There is a more progressive model provided an anti-reflective or protective coating to work at the computer, which needs especially gentle care. In this case, it clearly required a special liquid to clean these special glasses, but these home remedies like vinegar, a weak alkaline solution or household use is strictly prohibited. If you break this Golden rule, expensive optics will soon become worthless, and it will not perform its basic function, the asking for the purchase. These same rules work for photochromic glasses because they can also be prescription lenses.

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Important! Not to make the mistake when buying optical accessories is required to find out in the center for optics, how to wash glasses correctly and securely for future carefree operation.

Special products for daily care

Before talking about special hygienic means, it is important to recall gentle wear corrective lenses. The fact that many patients do not wear corrective lenses regularly, and wear them only if you want to focus impaired vision. That is why it is advisable to purchase a special cover or case for safe storage and transport optics. It is inexpensive to purchase, especially in a specialized center optics offer a wide range of the most unexpected models. This acquisition will help not so frequently clean glasses for occasional use, because it isКак ухаживать за очками для зрения - как и чем их мыть, чистить, протиратьabout protecting them from dust.

But again, should go back to the main question, how to clean glasses?

First, it is always at hand should be a microfiber cloth, wet wipe, fully corresponding to the type of lenses. It is permitted to use an unlimited number of times, and the action on the glass.

Second, if the lens is dusty, you are allowed to wash it in soapy warm water, but use to prepare this solution of synthetic chemicals is highly undesirable – it is possible to spoil not only the lenses, but once the original frame.

Thirdly, you can buy a spray cleaner that eliminates not only unnoticed even the most remote of pollution, but also has antiseptic properties for the careful treatment of the eyes.

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And last: always needs to be a regular wet wipes that clean lenses, and bring back the sharpness of vision. But the use of the first arm, the matter is strictly forbidden, as the rough fibers can only break the glass structure.

Care points there is nothing complicated, the main thing – carefully and take care of their daily points so they for a long time served faithfully, provided the sharpness and contrast of images at different distances. Otherwise, unnecessary financial wastage simply can not be avoided.