How to change your eye color temporarily and permanently (drops, lenses, surgery) and how much it costs

Some of the most creative individuals are busy wondering how to change the eye color? Do not hit them mother Nature, so all hope for progress and achievements in the world of optics. And sometimes it does not desire to look special, just have defects of the iris, or the color of the eyes completely expressionless.

In fact it is really, and ways of correcting shades pupil several, and each guarantees a high enough score, but has its drawbacks.

Colored lenses

Как изменить цвет глаз временно и навсегда (капли, линзы, операция) и сколько это стоитAs practice shows, it is possible to successfully change your eye color using special optical devices called «colored lenses». This progressive models that are recommended for everyone regardless of present problems with vision. At 100% the sharpness they provide visual impact and give the look an element of mystery, but in certain eye diseases in addition to cosmetic provide a reliable therapeutic effect: the presence of diopters this helps.

Important! It should be clarified that the colored models with diopters, you can purchase strictly on the advice of narrow-profile specialist and just after the test.

Before buying it is also important to remember that the chosen optics and the natural iris of the eye should dominate in one color, can be changed only shade. Of course, the radical change in appearance will not work, but rich color of the eyes will attract everyone’s attention, will make a casual look a certain element of novelty, celebration. Although, if you choose a very saturated color, such lenses is suitable for brown eyes.

Today lenses color changing eyes — this is not a cheap acquisition, and the expiration of the optical devices is very limited. Most often it is a one-day model output and case, so to speak. Nevertheless, many have chosen exactly this way, and don’t think about how you can change the color of the eyes. About the cost of such a purchase can be found here.

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Eye drops: benefit or harm?

Как изменить цвет глаз временно и навсегда (капли, линзы, операция) и сколько это стоитToday, there are eye drops that can cause discoloration of the iris. Generally they are designed for the treatment of various eye diseases, to reduce intraocular pressure, the loss of eyelashes and other problems. As a rule, the active component in these funds serves one of prostaglandin analogues F2а. It drops Bimatoprost, Unoprostone, Travoprost, Latanoprost. The effect of the change of eye color comes either with long-term use of such drops, or when they overdose, if at all is a side effect (it depends on the shape of drops and their destination).

Achieving such actions significantly disrupt the power of the eyeball with all its consequences. Therefore, with no problems, which shows such a drop is not a time to think, and whether a new image of such victims?

Available operation

To permanently change your eye color, you can resort to laser correction. In this case, the laser beam removes excess pigmentation, and the output brown eyes become sky blue. This is a purely cosmetic procedure, no harm to eyesight is not responsible, the side effects are also excluded.

Как изменить цвет глаз временно и навсегда (капли, линзы, операция) и сколько это стоитSurgery changing eye color, is quite common in domestic ophthalmology, but fun is not cheap and not everyone can afford it. A long rehabilitation period is no required pre-admission also does not occur – so that the benefits of this solution abound. Cons surgery to change eye color – the price is not always favorable reviews. Read more about the methods of laser correction and prices, please click here.

Most often modern patients opt for lenses that change the eye color. The desire to change the hue does not occur every day, and from case to case; therefore, you can buy a pack in reserve, to use it only when necessary. This is perfect in comparison to how much it costs to change your eye color through surgical procedures.