How to choose glasses to view correctly: photo, video

Quite a few people suffering from vision problems, making a choice in favor of points as a means of correction: this is the most simple and affordable way to see the surrounding objects, do not require excessive expense and with a minimum of restrictions. Before you choose glasses, you should consult with an ophthalmologist, undergo repeated tests to understand how strong corrective lenses, and if the purchase to pay attention to several features: the materials, structure, etc.

What points to choose to view? Tips for examination

Как выбрать очки для зрения правильно: фото, видеоConsultation and examination by an ophthalmologist should identify what type of impairment is present, whether there had been any deterioration or eyesight remains at its level have been constantly whether there are complications (astigmatism, strabismus, negative reaction to the means of correction). Before you check vision and pick up points, the doctor sets was used before any other means to fix, how long ago marked vision impairment whether progress was being made in the case of therapy, charging for the eyes. In the result of examination reveals which of the lenses in diopter, and the alignment should be chosen, and the doctor can give advice on eye care, to prescribe exercise, in the complex that will used for the correction.

Important! If the optometrist noted a progressive decrease of vision, we should remember that the glasses will have to be changed regularly, since the former is likely to fail after 12-18 months. In the case of systematic loss of vision to an ophthalmologist is required on a permanent basis.

Exactly how their vision will be tested and selected glasses, you can see from the following video:

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How to choose glasses for vision materials

Как выбрать очки для зрения правильно: фото, видеоWhen choosing glasses, one should pay attention to what made the frame and the lens itself. For the first can be used plastic or metal. Plastic frames are lighter and more comfortable, but they are easier to break, plus they are not always suitable for models with heavy glass. Metal frames look more stylish and strictly, they are durable and suitable for all lenses. The disadvantage is their higher cost. Noted that older people and those engaged in business often choose eyeglasses that is made of metal, while teenagers and also people of creative professions prefer the plastic products. The rim design can be arbitrary, and the choice depends on the preferences of the person.

To understand how to choose glasses to view (the video collection is in the network), we need to look at what made the lens itself products. Glass types are used for correction of vision with strong distortion, they are less prone to scratches but easier to break them, besides, to replace harder. Plastic lenses are more popular: they are strong, durable, inexpensive, and the disadvantage is the sensitivity to scratching. However, quality plastic and has protection from them, although its price in this case will be higher.

The cost of points may vary from several hundred to several thousand. It should be remembered that too cheap is best not to buy, even if in the future it is planned to replace the glasses: the quality of such products is too low and may harm the eyes, so it’s best to pay attention to products of an average price category. But if you want to buy fashionable women’s, men’s or teen glasses, they will cost slightly higher «classics».

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How to choose glasses for vision? Key factors

Как выбрать очки для зрения правильно: фото, видеоWhen purchasing, pay attention to the following points:

  • ease of fitting. The frame should not squeeze the whisky, the nose pads should not RUB the bridge of his nose. It is desirable that the glasses were light and did not cause fatigue during extended wear;
  • the naturalness and absence of negative feelings from the lens. The eye should not hurt, should not be effect cramps, dryness, distortion, etc.;
  • before you choose glasses (various photo frames you can find online), you should pay attention to branded products because the cheaper models are uncomfortable to use, and alignment can be compromised that will further lead to deterioration of eyesight;
  • when you buy complex glasses (with tinted lenses or «chameleons», suitable for people with astigmatism, etc.) should use only proven optics and taking products from known manufacturers.

In fact, pick up glasses is not difficult, you only need to responsibly approach the issue and not to neglect the examination by a specialist. Because only a doctor will be able to determine which lens will fit in a particular case. Well, when you select frames, lenses, the manufacturer can be guided both their own opinions and advice of consultants in the salon optics, the more that they are always ready to help the customer.