How to clean glasses for the computer and how to do it (manual, photo)

Nowadays many people are forced to correct vision or protect eyes from harmful external factors. And most affordable way of correction and prevention is wearing glasses. During the day they are covered with dust, dirt and grease, so they should be regularly cleaned.

How to clean my PC? Manual for this product provides. To clean manufacturer recommends using a special tool that can be found in the same opticians. But there are ways to make this process more efficient.

What to clean computer glasses?

First to clean the lens needed normal water. The most common mistake is a simple wiping of the lens materials without prior and high-quality cleansing from dirt. Do not in any case impossible, because small particles of dust can scratch the surface. For starters, the product must be kept under warm water, gently rubbing the surface.

As for how to clean computer glasses, photos of which you will find in the network, they need special care. Due to the fact that on the surface of the glass has a special coating that protects your eyes from harmful radiation of the monitor, you should know what you can not handle these lenses not to damage them.

So, it is impossible to clean such lenses the following means:

  • ammonia (ammonia);
  • vinegar;
  • bleach;
  • a liquid for washing Windows and mirrors.

Чем чистить очки для компьютера и как это делать (инструкция, фото)All of these tools are perfectly clean glass, but they are suitable only when washing Windows. If you apply them for points, then these substances can compromise the coating that filters the rays falling on your eyes. When erasing a protective film on the glass bubbles. Keep it and do not use the above fluid.

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These restrictions apply to any coated lenses — polarization, sun and others.

After you washed with water glass, you can drip on them some liquid soap and remove the remaining fat. The same effect can be achieved with the use of special tools, which will get in specialized stores. Next, you need to clean them and it is better to use special wipes for the lenses. They are made of microfiber; a material that does not leave fibers capable of scratching glass, and perfectly absorbs moisture. You can also use disposable wipes, also specially designed for this.

Important! To glasses have not lost their properties and were long, they should be treated with care and maintenance rules to be observed at all times.

How to clean my PC?

For clarity, to know exactly how to clean computer glasses, you can view videos on different sites. Certainly, there you will see that it doesn’t need to breathe on the glass and then wipe them to those that came to hand. As we have said, should be regularly rinse the lenses with warm water.

Чем чистить очки для компьютера и как это делать (инструкция, фото)If between the frame and the lenses is a small gap, then it accumulates a lot of dirt, so it should be a good handle. Take a clean cotton swab, moisten it in alcohol. Then wipe them clearance and rim products, without touching the glass. Rinsing them under water, proceed to degreasing.

Having put a special liquid on the glass after rinsing, lay them on a cotton cloth or a piece of microfiber. Thumb and forefinger gently clean the surface.

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To dry good product, leave it on the fabric for some time. If no time, then you can take a Hairdryer and put it on the lowest temperature and dry with this method. Take dry glasses to look at them in the light, not Sunny, to evaluate the result. If the glass is clean enough, then you can use them.

How to protect glasses from dirt?

It is very important to store the product in its case when not in use. If you just put them on the shelf, it increases the access of dust to them, if you have to carry them with you, the case, there is no substitute. It is better to buy a hard case, it will also protect glasses from damage. Well, if the case is spacious, so you can invest and cloth for care.

Many models have been sold with the case included, such as, Fedorova glasses or a renowned brand of Gunnar, so its use should not be disregarded, and if the case was not provided, you should buy it separately.

Important! You must use the glasses case where to put and the special cloth; it should be clean and dry for storage with points.

I would like to emphasize the point that glasses for computer work have a special coating that filters out ultraviolet radiation spectrum, leaving only the warm, safe light. This coating is easily damaged if you clean the glass properly. And in this case they cease to perform their functions. So follow the above tips and look after your lenses correctly.