How to disguise dark circles under the eyes, including from blow, powder, Foundation cream in adults and children

Before to disguise the bruises under the eyes, it is important to understand what is the reason caused this unpleasant symptom. If it’s such a shock, then a small hematoma that will go from the skin for a long period of time. To remove the problem needed so as not to impede the natural healing process, not to aggravate the situation and provoke more swelling of the face. If the bruises came from the lack of sleep or fatigue are constant companions, apart from masking need to eradicate more and why. Everything really, the main thing – to choose the right cosmetic products, traditional recipes of alternative medicine.

Cosmetic effect

If an acute issue is how to disguise the dark circles under his eyes urgently, it is best to use makeup that is always available at hand. And if this problem is not new, in the bag required the presence of Foundation, concealer and powder.

Как замаскировать синяки под глазами, в том числе от удара, в домашних условиях пудрой, тональным кремом у взрослых и детейTone cream should be Allergy-free basis, and to be a tone higher than the natural shade of the face. It is a prerequisite that must be adhered to in solving important problems, how to disguise under eye creams. Tint will not only bruising, but also all face to color was uniform. Here the main thing – do not overdo it, otherwise the overall cosmetic defect provided, however, in a bad mood.

Concealer is the solution to all problems, since the ability to hide even the most pronounced hematoma. The secret of this cosmetic product is that it is somewhat natural tone face, there’s no need for a long time to choose appropriate shade. You only have to pay attention to the composition, which should ideally exclude the presence of synthetic components. Ten minutes before the mirror, and the problem can be considered solved.

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The answer to the question how to disguise under eye powder, it is quite obvious, because this cosmetic treatment must meet the same requirements as to tonal cream. It is also possible the combination of these cosmetics, but the secret of success is the same – do not overdo it with makeup.

Important! Hematoma as the wound will change its color and it is also necessary to consider, choosing the color of the Foundation.

What creams help to disguise the bruises and completely get rid of them, read here.

Before to disguise the dark circles under the eyes, you can explore video lessons on websites on the world wide web. It’s simple and affordable, the key is to follow the professionals and strictly adhere to all their recommendations. A few more tips on how to cover bruises with makeup, you can find here.

Home remedies

Not all people trust the masking properties of cosmetics, especially men, afraid «raised questions» about their masculinity. There is a decent alternative, presents a reliable beauty recipes of folk cosmetology. So why not take advantage of the proven secrets that will save you from the problem of how to disguise the black eyes from the impact.

Как замаскировать синяки под глазами, в том числе от удара, в домашних условиях пудрой, тональным кремом у взрослых и детейRecipe 1. With the appearance of hematoma is required to apply to the affected area of the skin something very cold to reduce the amount of internal bleeding. If blue spot is already present, the ice cube still will help to cope even with this problem of how to disguise the bruises under the eyes of children. The hematoma will become brighter, and multiple treatments will accelerate its final extinction.

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Recipe 2. Lightening effect has cucumber mask or even cucumber slices that are recommended to put on problem areas for a few minutes. It is a reliable and safe way to disguise the bruises under the eyes of a child who works after the first application.

Recipe 3. Cabbage leaf will also help to solve the problem of how to disguise the dark circles under the eyes at home. It is desirable to use a paste, which is uniformly imposed on the affected skin for 20 minutes. The result is immediately obvious, but instead of cabbage you can use raw potatoes.

To disguise bruises under eyes at home — it’s easy, besides the pharmacy there are medications quickly eliminating the hematoma. Is Heparin ointment Lioton, Caffeine, Bruise-off, which prevail in the free market.

Important! Masks, creams and similar tools do not perform the function of «masking» bruises to the fullest. They are necessary to reduce bruising, it was easier to hide them under a layer of makeup.

Video how to conceal dark circles under eyes with makeup, also is available to everyone. So we can conclude that hematoma is not a problem for the patient, the main thing – correctly to define effective means to secure its disguise. Additional consultation is not required, however, it is desirable to observe changes in their appearance, and it is desirable that they were only for the better.