How to instill eye drops for adults, children, how to do it yourself

Oddly enough, but the question is how to instill eye drops is particularly relevant. Someone will say that this is a basic procedure that takes only a minute of free time, and he will be wrong. The fact that it’s not just a quick drip sore eyes, you need to do it properly, so soon to feel the desired therapeutic effect of the injected medication.Как правильно закапывать глазные капли взрослым, детям, как правильно это сделать самому себе

Before right put eye drops must carefully read the annotation of a specific medical drug and its release form. There is a drop dispenser or pipette, are cylinders, and each medicine you need to adjust. Before how to instill eye drops, videos of the Internet it is advisable to browse, because it affects the future health and visual acuity.

The rules of procedure

The question of how to instill eye drops in the eye, whether it drops for lowering eye pressure or conjunctivitis, it is important to individually discuss with the ophthalmologist, however there are those basic rules, following which you can ensure tangible and sustainable therapeutic effect of the underlying disease and not to worsen the overall health, not to provoke other eye diseases.

  • Take the medicine bottle only clean, dry hands, and when performing the procedure to avoid injury, it is desirable to use a small mirror.
  • Before properly instill the eye drops himself, to take a comfortable position with his head thrown back. For example, to sit in a chair and raise the head on its back so that the face is parallel to the floor.
  • In one hand hold the medicine bottle with the index finger of the second hand pull down the lower eyelid so that between it and the eyeball appeared a deep furrow.
  • With instillation of the eye have to look away.
  • In the opened pleat to drop a couple of drops of the drug and not to rush to take the vertical position. It is desirable to retain the eyelid drawn a few more seconds to let the medication reached the goal – the fundus.
  • Release the eyelid and blink rhythmically, but still not up to the remains of the drugs are not leaked and are not left unused.
  • Blot eyes with a clean handkerchief, and it is possible to consider this simple procedure is over.
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    This manual will help to solve the problem of how to instill eye drops to children, but all manipulations with these young patients must perform careful parents. Children this procedure will bring little joy, but if you have eye diseases to fulfill her need with the utmost regularity. Before how to instill eye drops, photo details can be viewed on the web.

    The video will also help you to understand how to properly instill eye drops:

    Eye drops for animals

    Как правильно закапывать глазные капли взрослым, детям, как правильно это сделать самому себеSome drops are designed to people use and treatment of animals. Therefore, many animal breeders interested in the question of how to instill eye drops to a cat or other household pet. In General, specified in this article, the statement also applies to four-legged friends, only to perform this unpleasant procedure better together, where one person holds the animal, and the second was giving him the eye. Accordingly, the questions as correctly instill eye drops dog also should not arise – everything is similar.

    Correctly performed procedure will only accelerate the treatment and significantly ease the General condition of the patient, whether adult, child, dog or cat.