How to preserve vision, and improve child and adult — rules, tips, memo

The most dangerous enemy of our eyes is an unhealthy lifestyle, poor nutrition, and stay in front of computer monitor. All this gradually degrades the ability to see the world. Meanwhile, most of the information we receive is through the eyes.

Today the number of people with eye diseases is increasing, and this is due to global computerization. Each of us throughout the day using a computer, phone, watching TV and contact with other appliances, can affect eye function. How to preserve vision for a long time, given the conditions of life?

How to preserve the eyesight to old age?

Как сохранить зрение и улучшить его ребенку и взрослому - правила, советы, памяткаIf we are talking about office work, then how to preserve the eyesight at the computer, if you constantly have to use it? You must first arrange your workspace so that it was well lit. Choose comfortable furniture to sit in the normal position throughout the day

For the prevention of myopia do special exercises for the eyes, which can relieve stress and rejuvenate. Save vision to help glasses for the computer, if you constantly use them. Safety glass do not allow eye exposure to harmful radiation, and can protect them.

Как сохранить зрение и улучшить его ребенку и взрослому - правила, советы, памяткаIf you have already been assigned points, then use them or contact lenses in a time when work, contrary to popular belief that wearing glasses only makes the situation worse. They help to reduce the burden on the eyes, creating for them comfortable conditions. But to choose the right glasses for you by a doctor.

Important! No need to think that if you are prescribed glasses, the process of vision loss is irreversible. In some cases, it is the wearing of special glasses helps to restore vision and never to resort to methods of its correction.

Many parents are interested in the question of how to preserve the eyesight of the child. For starters, experts advise children to respect the view of the television and computer. He is from 20 minutes to 2 hours a day depending on the age of the child. Watching television should be combined with regular walks in the fresh air. Also very important is the role of children’s nutrition. Recommended to eat those foods that strengthen the retina, it currants, blueberries and carrots. Also useful as cheese, cheese, greens, cod liver oil, olive oil, beans and seafood. There are specially designed rules, how to preserve vision, presented as a reminder. To run them easy, especially since most of them relate to the lifestyle in General.

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How to preserve vision: 10 tips

Как сохранить зрение и улучшить его ребенку и взрослому - правила, советы, памяткаDoctors strongly recommend to implement such rules in order not to lose the ability to see:

  • The rejection of bad habits, Smoking, like alcohol, may impair the functioning of the visual organs, affecting with time on their function.
  • A varied diet containing foods that are good for the eyes, will help to maintain their health for a long time. This products containing zinc, iron and greens. These include beets, apples, fennel, parsley, celery, onion and salad.
  • If eating enough vitamins, take vitamin complexes.
  • To maintain good vision will help walk in the street. Fresh air is good for your entire body in General and of the visual organs in particular.
  • Protect eyes from bright sunlight. To do this, purchase quality sunglasses that will help you to see well in clear weather.
  • With continued work your eyes need to rest, so spread the work time and rest so that you feel comfortable. To relax your eyes helps massage, viewing objects far away and special exercises.
  • Do not read lying down or in transport, for reading you should take a comfortable seat at a Desk.
  • When working at the computer, the monitor should be lowered below the level of your eyes. In this position the upper eyelid of the person is slightly lowered, which prevents the loss of fluid cornea. The voltage in this position is reduced.
  • Increase in blood pressure greatly affects the eye, therefore its level needs to be monitored.
  • Another important rule is to protect the eyes. They must be protected not only when working at the computer. Protection is needed when swimming under water, working with welding, work in a dusty environment and, of course, after a long work behind the monitor. This will help to avoid the harmful effects of blue light and prevent mechanical injury of the cornea.
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    Following the rules, you will not only prevent many diseases but also can improve the condition of your eyes if their function worsened. To protect the eye follows since childhood, to do this, parents need to monitor the daily regime of their children and to teach them to do it. Subsequently, the proper organization of the workplace and protection of organs will help to prevent damage and disease.