How to protect eyesight and how not to lose it adults and children: rules, reviews

Today good vision can boast far not every inhabitant of our planet, and this is very important function through which people receive more than 80% of information about the world and about yourself. The development of technical progress has reached such a level that we can no longer imagine your life without gadgets, but they negatively affect vision. There are many factors that can affect our eyes, so as to protect eyesight, be aware since childhood.

The memo «Protect eyesight»

The opinion of many that with good vision does not require any preventive measures, is wrong. Over time this attitude will lead to deterioration. There are some ways in which you will be able to keep up the good work of their visual organs, but don’t forget about regular visits to the ophthalmologist

Как беречь зрение и как его не потерять взрослым и детям: правила, отзывыThere are several important rules how to protect vision. They must be strictly observed:

  • drop bad habits, Smoking and alcohol abuse adversely affect the entire body, and in particular, on the eye;
  • eat more vitamins. Beneficially affects the function of the organs of vision blueberries, it not only relieves fatigue, but also can prevent some diseases. You can, of course, to take vitamin complexes, but all the necessary substances better to look for food. Vitamin a contains in carrots, cod liver oil, liver and tomatoes. Learn the vitamin b from cereals, nuts, and kidneys. And vitamin C, E and potassium can be derived from apples, spinach, currants, citrus fruits, eggs, vegetable oil, bananas, honey, mushrooms and seafood;
  • often walk in the street;
  • protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation;
  • view TV at a distance of 2 meters from the screen;
  • when you work at a computer take regular breaks and protect your eyes with special glasses, use drops to moisten the cornea;
  • any kind of work take care of good lighting.
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Reviews on ways to protect eyesight, indicate a greater effectiveness of gymnastics for eyes. She has helped many people not only avoid disease, but also to get rid of them. Therefore, in order to relax your eyes and strengthen their muscles, periodically do preventative exercise for these organs.

How to preserve the eyesight of children?

Loss of vision in childhood affects the entire life, so parents should care about the health of their children. Today, every home has a TV, computer and mobile phones, which are so popular with children. But the constant employment of a child watching the cartoons and games can trigger the development of myopia, how not to lose eyesight at that age?

Как беречь зрение и как его не потерять взрослым и детям: правила, отзывыTrain your child to strict visual mode. While the visual system is developing TV viewing per day should be limited to 20 minutes. Starting from 2 years old to watch cartoons for 30 minutes. Child five years old should be allowed to remain in front of the screen 1 hour, and 7 years old, this time can be increased to 2 hours with a short break.

As for the computer, children of preschool age are allowed to watch on the screen is only 20 minutes, and not every day. If the child is over 7 years, you can spend playing 1 hour a day. It is very important that it was a quality monitor and the child was making small breaks between games. If your baby has a genetic predisposition to myopia, it is better to avoid its contact with the computer monitor up to 12 years.

Important! Since children are not aware what damage can cause vision, concern for the preservation of this important role — caring parents!

Как беречь зрение и как его не потерять взрослым и детям: правила, отзывыChildren should be told that you need to read only in good light, and not lying and not in transport. When the baby is sitting, the distance between the table and the chin should be at least 30 cm should Not lean forward, keep your back straight.

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Parents should ensure that their children did homework or read in well-lit areas. For this coverage you need it on the desktop. If the table is located in front of the window, from which emanates a very bright light, it is also harmful, should be protected with light curtains. Good lighting is necessary and when watching TV or computer. In a dark room your eyes will get tired much faster. Always remind children that they are distracted from the TV, went for a walk or played in the normal game.

The rules for the preservation of view is very simple. Should not only respect them, but also to ensure that they complied with your children from an early age that will help avoid complications in the future. Along with the visual mode provide for his family a proper diet, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables will not only preserve your vision, but will also maintain good overall health. It is important to remember once a year, see an ophthalmologist in order to detect problems and prevent deterioration of visual function.