How to remove dark circles under the eyes, black, blue (massage at home and in the salon, traditional methods)

If you are concerned about darkening of the eyelid skin, to cope with the downside then visit a beautician. In salon terms of use of hardware methods of treatment. Of course, such procedures are not cheap, so there is an alternative is the use of cosmetics.

Remove black circles under eyes will help cosmetic products, which have the following components:

  • collagen, it has a lifting effect, making the epidermis firm;
  • manganese helps to remove darkened circles, improves blood circulation;
  • hyaluronic acid provides hydration and improves microcirculation in the cells of the epidermis;
  • caffeine has the ability to boost the metabolism;
  • properties of green tea are able to eliminate puffiness and improve color.

The benefits of massage

Как убрать круги под глазами темные, черные, синие (массаж дома и в салоне, народные методы)Effectively remove dark circles under your eyes will help the massage. Procedure can be done in salons or to perform independently at home. Regularly massage the problem area, and only then will a noticeable effect.

If your plans do not include going to the salon, to undertake the procedure at home. After morning cleansing, massage in the epithelium of the eyelids for about 3 minutes. This motion to commit with fingertips, going from the outer edge of the eye to the nose. Slightly pull the skin to the temples using your index fingers. Eyes zazhmurte for 5 seconds, then open and relax your muscles. So you should perform 10 times.

Important! Massage the skin around the eyes helps to relieve fatigue during prolonged eyestrain. It can be combined with exercises for eyes.

The following video provides massage techniques and also some tips to combat puffiness and dark circles:

How to remove dark circles under eyes with the use of means of alternative medicine?

Как убрать круги под глазами темные, черные, синие (массаж дома и в салоне, народные методы)If the darkened skin creates a problem for you, then you can remove circles under eyes quickly at the people’s medicine. To improve skin color will help the infusion of sage, of which it is good to make compresses. Lotions are made overnight with the use of warm broth for 10 minutes, then apply the same decoction, only from the refrigerator at the same time. So to repeat several times before going to bed.

Very effective is parsley. Cream from the plant can not only improve the color, but also to relieve you from swelling. For its preparation take 1 tablespoon of crushed plants and mix it with soft butter in equal proportions. The product is applied before going to bed, rubbing it into the skin around the eyes. You can also use chopped parsley leaves, putting them on the epidermis and covering the cotton pad is pre-soaked for a few minutes.

Как убрать круги под глазами темные, черные, синие (массаж дома и в салоне, народные методы)In order to get rid from such defects as bruises, use potatoes, this ingredient will benefit both in raw and in processed form. Peel the vegetable, cut it into pieces and attach to the eyes are wet, hold for about 20 minutes. Very efficient to cook potatoes, then grind it by adding milk and cooling of the mixture covered with a mask, and after 20 minutes rinse it with cool water. There is another prescription remedies using potatoes: grate raw vegetable on a small grater, put in a few spoonfuls of mass and mix it with a spoon of olive or other vegetable oil. Before applying makeup prepare the skin of the eyelid, causing it oil. Then impose a mask and in a relaxed state keep it for half an hour. To rinse, mix a strong brew of tea with water and rinse, this will help to avoid black circles of the eyelids.

The improvement in skin color contribute to the properties of the cucumber. This vegetable is very useful in pure form and together with other ingredients. You can apply cucumber slices to the eyes for half an hour, or you can make him a mask. To make a mask, use one cucumber, grated, mixed with the same quantity of chopped parsley and sour cream. Put the mixture to your eyelid for 15 minutes, then wash your face with cold water.

Important! To achieve a stable effect it is possible only with regular performance of such procedures. Disposable face mask or lotion will give only a weak short-term results.

Как убрать круги под глазами темные, черные, синие (массаж дома и в салоне, народные методы)If you need to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, apply under eyelids cosmetic ice, it is easy to prepare at home. Take the leaves of green and black tea, each COP on a teaspoon and then pour a glass of boiling water. When the welding has cooled down, pour it in ice cube trays and freeze. Use ice for toning the treated skin, just rubbing them in the morning and before bed. It will help from morning puffiness.

Good effect have petals of mallow, if they are wet in cold milk and apply to the darkened areas of the skin. The petals keep it for about 15 minutes. You can also apply pure milk, pre-boil them and cool it. Soak in milk cotton balls and apply to eyelids for 15 minutes, then wash with cool water.

There are many reasons why the skin around your eyes may be darker. This problem can be combated, visiting beauty salons or using creams with beneficial properties. Do not forget that to replace expensive cosmetics or salon treatments and folk effective means.

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