How to remove lenses from the eyes: the rules, methods, and video instruction to help beginners

Useful invention of medicine are contact lenses (CL). They not only facilitate the lives of people with impaired vision, but also have a positive impact on the changes of appearance. However, many patients because of ignorance of how to use this new abandon them, thereby complicating their lives. Our specialists ophthalmologists will tell the newbies how to remove the lens from the eye and give some useful tips on how to properly store them.

Some people have formed a negative impression of the lenses. Experience shows that the reason for such attitude is improper use and storage. The observance of General rules will help to change the opinion about this new product and to avoid many mistakes. There are several ways how to remove lenses from the eyes. Photos of this process can be easily found on the Internet.

Preparatory stage: hygiene above all

Как снять линзы с глаз: правила, способы, видео инструкция в помощь новичкамBefore removing lenses from the eyes of the newcomers need to be reminded that all manipulations should be carried out only with clean hands. The porous structure of the material from which the lenses,including toric, is easily clogged with dirt and bacteria, which can cause tearing or even infectious eye disease. Before removing it is recommended to thoroughly wash and dry your hands. At the same time to remove moisture from the hands is only used a lint free cloth. Tiny hair accidentally caught in KL, the next time you use can cause discomfort.

Как снять линзы с глаз: правила, способы, видео инструкция в помощь новичкамThe optional lens is removed dry fingers. Some users are much easier to do it with wet hands, as it is more manageable glides over the cornea of the eye and the fingers. Very important at this moment TC not to drop because it’s transparent, and to find her on the floor would be extremely difficult.

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The process of withdrawal at first is best done in a quiet environment at a table with a smooth surface and mounted with a mirror. Pre-cook clean wipes, soft towel and a colored storage container. Women to take of KL, you need to remove makeup thoroughly with removed hair from the face.

Proceed to the removal of KL

There are two ways to remove them. Eye-care professionals recommend to choose the most convenient option.

The first way:

  • Slightly tilting the head forward, you look up.
  • Middle finger to gently pull down the lower eyelid.
  • The tip of your index finger touch the lower edge of the lens, so she clung to him.
  • Gently move the lens to a lower eyelid or to the side for protein.
  • Using the thumb and index finger, using the nail gently pinch the lens and remove.
  • The procedure is repeated in the same sequence with the lens from the second eye
  • Method two:

  • Lean over with a napkin (colored towel).
  • The index and middle finger to place on the middle of the upper and lower eyelids.
  • To take eyelids pressed to fingers to the side of his temple.
  • Gently press on the eyelids. After such a click, the lens is very easily squeezed out and falls to the cloth.
  • In the same sequence, remove the lens with the other eye. After removal of the lens of the eye to moisturize special drops.
  • To help you better understand how to remove the lens from the eye video below:

    Storage lenses

    To lengthen the time of use of TC and to keep them in good condition help advice from our experts:

    • to store eye accessories necessary only in special tanks filled with a special solution. Rinse the container with tap water is recommended as it can cause infection;
    • after removing the accessory needs to be cleaned. To do this, place it on the palm of your hand, pour on top of the solution and gently RUB with your finger. After the completion of KL is placed in the storage container. Additional cleaning is not required if storage use a solution labeled “No Rub”. This means that the cleaning process is liquid;
    • after removing the lens can stick together, do not worry. Simply place it in the storage solution, and it will acquire its original shape.Как снять линзы с глаз: правила, способы, видео инструкция в помощь новичкам
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    Perhaps beginners all of these actions seem very confusing. Do not despair. Experience shows that after some time the process of removing the lenses is brought to automatism and no difficulty for the user is not.