How to remove stress from eyes at home and at work (drops, massage, exercises, photo, video)

The question how to remove stress from eyes, doctors offer several answers, each of which protects visual acuity, prevents the exacerbation of many eye diseases. It just so happened that modern man can not imagine his life without computer, moreover, holds the monitor most of my life. This affects the eye, and the number of patients ophthalmologist is increasing, the majority of whom are children and teenagers.

Useful exercises

Как снять напряжение с глаз дома и на работе (капли, массаж, упражнения, фото, видео)It is important to understand before you can relieve tension with the eye exercises should be done regularly and accurately monitor the time spent at the monitor screen. For example, every two hours required to do the so-called «eye rest», and for that blink and do not open the eyes for 15 minutes. Breathe slowly and smoothly, not to finish the exercise, while unpleasant ripples disappear.

Another exercise on how to remove stress from the eyes is the mental reproduction numbers and basic shapes. For example, you want to find a point of focus, then mentally draw a glance the numbers, the infinity sign, the letters of the alphabet, hold, horizontal right – left and back. Repeat this exercise can be an unlimited number of times, with this end she has a remarkable improvement in the quality of vision.

To reproduce three-dimensional images is also helpful, but only this exercise useful in the first few seconds, and then required again to return the previous focus. How to do it? You need to look at the image until, until it starts to fade, then you need to refocus the eyes. You can use the stereo, that you can find on the Internet.

Important! Simple exercises can be performed any number of times, most importantly, do it regularly!

Massage to improve visual acuity

If you still have unanswered the main question how to remove stress from the eyes, massage is the best procedure that you can perform in any situation for an unlimited number of times.

Here are some simple movements:

  • flatten the inner corners of the eyes, and then several times to move them in different directions, delivering eyeballs temporary relief;
  • close your eyes, put on the closed eyelids with the index fingers, perform rhythmic rotation several times in each direction;
  • to delay the conjunctival SAC of the same index finger, and then move them in different directions, removing in this way the increased tension of the eye;
  • to pin down the outer corners of the eyes to massage them and relax after a few seconds;
  • much blink for one minute, after which relax the eyes, lower eyelids, remain stationary for a few minutes for a quality vacation.

Как снять напряжение с глаз дома и на работе (капли, массаж, упражнения, фото, видео)All these methods are especially useful if you need to know how to relieve eye strain at work. The fact that this training complex can be performed anywhere where there was a free moment of relaxation. Contraindications do not exist completely, but the preventive effect is noticeable already after the first procedure. Before you remove stress from eyes, home video can be viewed independently to learn these simple techniques.

Important! If your work is connected with prolonged computer use, exercise to relieve tension from the eyes you need to master necessarily.

In addition, effective and exercise by Avetisov. It will not only help you relax, but also to prevent various eye diseases.

Conservative therapy

If a person for a long period of time on the computer, always at hand there should be special drops, relieves stress from the eyes. Such medicines in modern pharmacology abound, but choose the one that recommends that a qualified ophthalmologist.

Как снять напряжение с глаз дома и на работе (капли, массаж, упражнения, фото, видео)Especially popular following positions:

  • Visine;
  • Clean tear;
  • Vial;
  • Hilo-Chest;
  • Innoxa.

Before taking the tension off the eye drops should be checked for expiration date, and use strictly in accordance the attached annotation. As a rule, superficial self is not harmful, but the vision needs to be particularly careful, for fear of serious consequences.

These medications do not have contraindications, but they know exactly how to relieve tension from the eyes. Photo of drugs is in the network, and the reviews are staggering in their quantity and detailed content. But in this clinical picture it is best to strictly follow medical recommendations, to comply with the prescribed instructions per diem regulations.

A few more exercises that help relieve tension from the eyes in the following video:

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