How to remove wrinkles under eyes fine, deep, mimic the ways and methods (cosmetology, plastic, folk remedies)

Wrinkles are the first enemy of the woman which adds to her appearance a couple of years, much older, is a major cause of inferiority complex. But with the irreversible aging process of the skin to compete is very difficult, therefore, many women prefer to accept their sad fate and not always pleasant with a status of «Woman.»

But the eternal «girl» seriously puzzled the main question, how to remove wrinkles under the eyes, and ready to go for the most radical methods. In fact, you can choose one of three directions, in particular, modern cosmetology, plastic surgery, traditional methods of maintaining youthful skin. Every option works, and this should talk in more detail.

Modern cosmetology

Как убрать морщины под глазами мелкие, глубокие, мимические - способы и методы (косметология, пластика, народные средства)Many women, hoping to quickly remove wrinkles under the eyes or «crow’s feet» around the eyes, go to the beauty salon, where at surcharge guests agree to peeling, the implementation of face masks, the use of ultrasound for loose skin.

First of all, we should clarify that the fun is not cheap, but the eternal beauty, as you know, «requires sacrifice», additional financial flows. For example, the special performance has the famous mask of Cleopatra, who after one procedure, allows to remove from the face for several years.

As for peels, the assortment of cosmetics is huge, but the task is the same – to eliminate dead cells of the skin, toning the top layer of the epidermis, as well as to ensure quality nutrition of tissues, enriching them with vital oxygen.

Important! The choice of product is done individually, as a reaction of the skin in a particular case can be very unpredictable, but essential components in the composition must become collagen and elastin.

Remove wrinkles under eyes helps ultrasound, however, this procedure is contouring. Her goal is to cheer up the skin, to restore its former elasticity, force muscles to work, to provide blood flow to the face. It all performs a special drug that everything else does not cause discomfort, inconvenience, especially, pain.

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Plastic surgery

Как убрать морщины под глазами мелкие, глубокие, мимические - способы и методы (косметология, пластика, народные средства)Many women with typical problem choose modern ways to remove wrinkles under eyes and bags which can not do without the direct involvement of professionals. Here there are several options, and each has its ardent supporter and opponents.

Contouring using advanced drugs and modern cosmetology. Most often it is hyaluronic acid, which age is prevalent in the body in insufficient quantities and requires regular replenishment. That is why it is introduced into the body force, while the number of procedures is discussed individually and depends on skin condition, age category of the patient, her wishes regarding her appearance.

Как убрать морщины под глазами мелкие, глубокие, мимические - способы и методы (косметология, пластика, народные средства)No less popular Botox injections, which in the shortest time can get rid of the hideous facial wrinkles. The drug is administered subcutaneously, thus blocking the flow to the facial muscles nerve impulses. Accordingly, separate groups of muscles cease to contract, and the wrinkles disappear for a long period of time, but, alas, not forever. That is why we have to repeat the procedure again and again, and the required interval again negotiated a specialist.

Mesotherapy allows the body to produce its own elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, with displays through the skin of the products of intoxication. To achieve sustainable cosmetic effect requires the hypodermic injection of special drugs that significantly prolong youth and freshness of the skin.

Read more about the procedure mesotherapy can be learned from the following video:

Another way to remove wrinkles under the eyes called «photorejuvenation». It provides for the effect on weakened skin, light radiation, causing cells of the skin to stimulate intense collagen production for own rejuvenation.

Important! There are other cosmetic procedures that inhibit the irreversible aging process of the skin, but before you make your choice, it is required to individually consult with a beautician to determine the best option.

If money on contouring are missing, or the doctor found contraindications to such procedures, do not despair, because popular recipes of eternal youth is always relevant for all skin types.

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People’s beauty

If necessary to remove wrinkles under eyes, you can use regular ice cubes, which is 5 – 10 minutes of applying to the problem area of skin on the face. Of course, your skin will be smooth for a short period of time, but in emergency situations this method really saves.

Как убрать морщины под глазами мелкие, глубокие, мимические - способы и методы (косметология, пластика, народные средства)In General, the question of rejuvenating you want to approach with extreme regularity, as the years go by, and the skin is not getting any younger. Then to restore the former freshness of the skin will be even more difficult, so doing it required in a timely manner and without harm to their health.

The recipe first. Cut a few fresh leaves of aloe, squeeze through cheesecloth juice and in concentrated form, and apply it on problem areas of the face. Water rinse the mask for 20 minutes, but up to this time to be patient, even if the skin is pulled, pinching. After the procedure it is advisable to wash under a contrast shower, then treat the skin with a moisturizing cream.

Как убрать морщины под глазами мелкие, глубокие, мимические - способы и методы (косметология, пластика, народные средства)The second recipe. From half of a lemon squeeze the juice, add egg yolks, beat well and spread it on the facial wrinkles. Keep the mask on your face for 5 – 7 minutes, and then efficiently wash and additionally moisturize the skin favorite skin. Before the procedure it is important to determine if there is an allergic reaction to the lemon.

The third recipe. Peel a raw potato and then RUB it on a grater and add a little heavy cream. A homogeneous mass applied to the surface of the skin around the eyes and eyelids, wait 15 – 20 minutes. It is a great prevention of facial wrinkles, conduct which is 18 years old.

This is the best methods how to remove wrinkles under the eyes. Many women positive, moreover, they use these traditional recipes is not the first year and look great. Complement the effect of the face massage, which can be done independently and at home. Any selected exercises invigorate the muscles, forcing them to contract and stimulate the production of elastin. A massage course can be completed on a daily basis, and the number of approaches per day is not limited – it all depends on the desire to look young and beautiful. This massage can be combined with exercises for the eyes that will be even more useful for the normal functioning of the eye muscles.

Important! Traditional methods of getting rid of wrinkles only work with regular procedures.

Of course, photoshop remove wrinkles under the eyes will always help, but such manipulation a computer does not bring back their beauty and youth. Their appearance need to be addressed, and to pay attention to daily. Just the kind of responsible and vigilant approach will allow in 45 years to look at all 30. By the way, it is not necessary to spend money on trips to the beauty salon to rejuvenate the skin and at home.