How to restore your vision at home, without surgery, exercises child and adult and does it really

Faced with the diseases of the eye, which impairs their functions, people are thinking about whether it is possible to recover the sight again to see normally? Restore vision you may have developed many methods. There are thousands of evidence that restoring normal eye function can not only help operations, but also at home.

In order to do it yourself, you have to work hard to adjust the diet, to do exercises and to control the mode of work and rest. To reach your goals faster will help surgery or laser surgery. But that’s the last resort, besides not available to everyone.

How can you restore your vision at home?

How to restore eyesight without surgery? First and foremost is proper nutrition.

Как восстановить зрение в домашних условиях, без операции, упражнениями ребенку и взрослому и реально ли этоFor the correction of the functions of the organs of sight, use the following recipes:

  • mix the blueberry juice with the water, then use it, also eat fresh fruit;
  • helps in this case, the juice squeezed from the apricots, it must be consumed in the morning and evening;
  • tincture of parsley, made from one spoon of greens and Cup of hot water. Insist the mixture for one hour, strain and drink before meals;
  • also lean on products that restore the eyesight (carrots, meat, fish, milk).

Vision it is possible to recover the at home exercises. This greatly strengthens the eye muscles, improves blood circulation, gives strength, increases elasticity of tissue, and effectively relieves fatigue.

Gymnastics for the eyes, restoring vision consists of the following exercises:

  • closed eyes look on both sides 20 times.
  • opening his eyes, move the pupils in a circle in a clockwise direction, then Vice versa;
  • reduce pupil-to-nose with eyes open, 10 times;
  • concentrating the vision on a distant object outside the window and on the window mark in the form of the brand or figure.
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Complexes such studies is to develop scientists and doctors, of which there are a great many — and by Avetisov and Norbekova, and Bates and Zhdanov. What to choose — to solve to the patient, most importantly, doing these exercises regularly.

Important! All bezoperatsionnye recovery methods will not solve the problem in one day. Therefore it is necessary to be patient and regularly to hold classes, even if at first no change will happen.

Many people wonder, is it possible to restore vision using simulators? Simulators are plastic glasses in the hole, through these holes and need to look to exercise. They really help to restore the vision, increasing its severity by 10-30%.

How to restore your vision 100 percent?

Как восстановить зрение в домашних условиях, без операции, упражнениями ребенку и взрослому и реально ли этоIs it possible to completely restore the eyesight, how to restore vision to a child? The first is to answer the question concerning children. Since surgery and laser correction is possible only when the child reaches adulthood, these purposes, using hardware correction. It is a procedure in various devices, including those conducted in the form of games. Between this should strictly adhere to healthy diet along with the correct mode of work and rest.

Ways to fully restore the vision boil down to a laser procedure and surgery. In such circumstances, patients are completely freed from problems. During this intervention professionals do not use General anesthesia, and not the patient to the hospital. All done in a short period of time, perfectly safe. How to use this method to restore vision, reviews and videos can be found on the websites of the specialized clinics.

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Как восстановить зрение в домашних условиях, без операции, упражнениями ребенку и взрослому и реально ли этоHow much it costs to restore your vision with laser correction? Each clinic has its own pricing, it depends on the skill level, the type of procedure and location. On average, prices range 20 000 – 55 000 rubles.

The sharpness of visual perception back to the man immediately, and recovers over a period of time. After the intervention the person needs to undergo rehabilitation, then he can lead a full life as before the disease. A feature of this recovery is its great effectiveness and that it does not provide a large limitations, or hospitalization.

Important! Laser surgery, though considered very predictable, all may not give the expected result, and even cause impairment of vision.

Как восстановить зрение в домашних условиях, без операции, упражнениями ребенку и взрослому и реально ли этоWith regard to such manipulations like surgery, it may be setup transplants, replacement of the lens or strengthening of the cornea or for other procedures depending on the disease. These techniques are a great success and is able to return the patient to a normal eye function. However, there are some contraindications and possible complications.

What to do to restore the vision? Specialists and patients say that exercise and proper regime gives good results. With regular exercise the person can not only stop disease progression but also significantly increase the quality of life. You can try these methods and choose the most appropriate one for your condition and your lifestyle. Always let your eyes relax and follow the regime of work and rest, to prevent these problems.