How to ruin eyesight fast glasses at the computer in other ways

There are many ways how to damage eyesight, especially in the conditions of modern society make it very difficult. Of course, it is best not to experiment with the eyes even if glasses to face, because, as you know, disturbances in the optical system are chronic in nature, prone to complications and a risk of disability.

And all of these in some cases, the question of how quickly damage the eyesight, is still relevant. Well, this topic has some valuable recommendations. Clearly adhering to these rules, the sharpness of vision will gradually deteriorate with each passing day, and soon reduced quality of life, will bring a lot of domestic and industrial problems.

«Valuable» advice

Как испортить зрение быстро - очками, за компьютером, другими способамиFirst, you need to give yourself the dim lighting. This should be the norm, especially when working at the computer, reading, and doing any other work that requires high acuity vision. By the way, TV also advisable to watch when there is insufficient artificial light, it is desirable not to blink as much as possible to strain your eyes.

Secondly, it is enough to spend before the monitor of computer 7 to 8 hours per day. Possible, then reduced the sharpness of vision will be provided in a couple of weeks. This fact is confirmed by the ophthalmologist, if personally come to him for advice. By the way, the light should be dim, and the screen brightness to maximum – this is the right way to reduced sharpness of vision. And then very soon you will be proud to tell friends: «I ruined my eyesight at the computer!».

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Thirdly: as you know, when blink cornea of eye additionally moistened. If you force to quell this unconditioned reflex, you will face the dry eye syndrome, and will begin gradually reducing the sharpness of vision, may develop a number of major diagnoses of ophthalmology.

Important! If healthy eye wear vision glasses and try to consider the subjects using corrective lenses, vision will fall. The same applies to contact lenses that are used for other purposes or after the expiration date. So this is another way how to ruin the vision in the shortest possible time.

There are many reasons why eyesight deteriorates. Find the way is easy, that’s only reversible if there is a change?

Daily life

The answer to the question of whether glasses ruin vision, a clear Yes. However, it is not necessary to use such drastic measures. You can just slightly change your lifestyle and desired effect of poor vision will be provided.

Как испортить зрение быстро - очками, за компьютером, другими способамиSo, what to do, what to advise?

  • to recall the tragic consequences of harmful habits. As you know, Smoking and alcoholism negatively impact the state of the optical system, and that solution is found, especially in the pleasure;
  • to revise your daily diet, in particular, to abstain from vitamins A and E, which provide the desired sharpness of vision. From now on forbidden are carrots, greens, liver, broccoli, pumpkin, avocado, tomatoes, etc.
  • not respond to alarm signals of the body affecting the optical system. Let your eyes continue to itch, not scary increased tears and the appearance of vascular network on the eyeballs. The more intense the symptoms, the greater the likelihood of losing the sharpness of vision;
  • not to visit an ophthalmologist, especially not undergo routine diagnostics to determine the actual visual acuity, of hidden diseases. In advanced stages, many diagnoses are simply not being treated, but isn’t that typical seeking patient? Everything is in his hands;
  • be sure to read in motion, for example, in public transport, when walking. This way, impaired focus, and visual acuity gradually decreases, requiring additional correction with the help of special optical devices. By the way, the glasses are also expensive.
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So every patient can worsen your own eyesight, importantly – to ask, to unhealthy lifestyle, not to forget about the harmful habits. It remains only to decide for yourself, whether in life such global health problems, especially conservative treatment is long and costly? If you want to save your eyes, do not stick to these rules, remembering that some serious illnesses of the optical system can result in transient blindness. Therefore it is better to memorize as sight to cherish.