Infrared laser therapy for eye to correct the vision (photos, Otzi, price)

The diagnosis of «Myopia» can progress at any age, with hostages often are small children. The disease requires immediate treatment, otherwise it can cause serious complications with vision.

One of the most progressive methods is infrared laser therapy for eyes, which does not require surgical intervention, hospitalization and a long rehabilitation period.

Features of the procedure

Инфракрасная лазерная терапия для глаз с целью коррекции зрения (фото, отзыы, цена)Vision correction infrared laser therapy has found its application in the adult and child, and the procedure itself has a lot of advantages.

Among them:

  • good nutrition of the eye tissue;
  • the elimination of spasm of accommodation;
  • physiological massage of the ciliary muscle;
  • regeneration and recovery of cells;
  • focused on the impact of infrared radiation on the cornea.

Popular method that has virtually no side effects and acts directly on the hearth of pathology from very close distance. The main objective of the method is to eliminate the root causes of the pathological process, that is, to suppress the spasm of accommodation, which is precisely the etiology of myopia at different ages.

Indications for use

As practice shows, vision correction infrared laser therapy reviews has mostly positive content, the list of indications for the procedure are quite extensive.

It should highlight the positive dynamics of the following diseases:

  • myopia, among children;
  • strabismus;
  • nystagmus;
  • increased visual load.

Important! This method is widely used not only for therapeutic but also for preventive purposes, if the specialist States the fact of the presence of the patient one of eye diseases, prone to chronic course.


Инфракрасная лазерная терапия для глаз с целью коррекции зрения (фото, отзыы, цена)Before you recommend this progressive technique, the ophthalmologist reminds about the existing contraindications. Recall that one of the latest methods of microsurgery of the eye is an infrared laser treatment for eyes (photos of patients available at numerous medical sites), which is acceptable for use not all categories of patients.

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Restrictions apply to:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • atrophy of the cornea;
  • inflammatory eye disease at the stage of recurrence;
  • diabetes in a complicated form;
  • progressive myopia;
  • disease infectious and viral nature;
  • iridocyclitis.

As a rule, the doctor conducts a complete pre-diagnosis of the optical system of the body, after which accuracy can tell whether in the specific case of safe infrared laser therapy for eyes. The price of this procedure may vary depending on the venue, equipment and other factors.

The essence of the procedure

If prescribed microsurgery for myopia, the additional hospitalization usually necessary, although for a couple of days before the procedure, the patient is still advised to contact a specialized center for the diagnosis.

Инфракрасная лазерная терапия для глаз с целью коррекции зрения (фото, отзыы, цена)On the retina affects the infrared beam, and the approximate distance of 10 cm it is quite sufficient to for a long period of time to suppress the spasm of accommodation. Often one procedure is enough to obtain a stable therapeutic effect, however in any clinical picture is clearly important rehabilitation period, which is also an integral part of a speedy recovery.

The procedure itself lasts no longer than 20 minutes, but the rehabilitation period may last several weeks. This is explained by the increased sensitivity of the affected organ, so it’s important all the time to avoid injuries to the eyes, wear sunglasses from a direct hit by a bright light on the retina, instead of straining your eyes when reading, best to eliminate the computer and dissipate his eyes.

Also useful special exercises for the eyes, which only strengthen weakened muscles, promote visual relaxation and speedy recovery. The disease is rapidly regressing, and her repeated relapses after laser eye ophthalmologists completely eliminate. So for the typical vision problems it’s time to consult an ophthalmologist and find out the feasibility of this method of treatment in specific clinical picture.

Important! Among the complications after correction by this method is to provide a partial return of vision, exacerbation of inflammatory processes of the eye, dry eyes or, conversely, increased lacrimation.

Despite the fact that modern technology has allowed many patients to the ophthalmologist to get rid of points, go to invisible contact lenses, the popularity of surgical methods of vision correction is only growing. This is not surprising because they allow you to quickly restore sight and completely abandon any optical devices. Infrared laser therapy is a progressive technique that will help regain excellent vision. Well, if you are afraid of possible complications, you just need to carefully weigh all the «pros» and «cons» and to consult with the doctors in the clinic with a good reputation and make the only important and correct decision.