Intra-corneal rings implantation for the correction of vision — reviews, price, video

Intra-corneal rings implantation is performed for the treatment of keratoconus. Keratoconus is a serious eye disease that develops over several years. The disease is manifested by a disease of the cornea, which has a non-inflammatory nature. Cornea due to such disease becomes thinner, takes the form of a cone and then becomes cloudy.

Often this disease overtakes people aged 20 to 40 years. As a rule, the first lesion appears only in one eye, but over time, affects other organ of vision. Although completely human eyesight will not lose, it is much worse.

Vision correction by implantation of stromal rings

Stromal rings are implanted to cure the disease, is an inert semi-circular elements having excellent compatibility with the tissues of the organs of vision. Their installation is reversible, since with age the rings can be removed or replaced.

The functions of the ring:

  • Central and peripheral flattening of the cornea;
  • the preservation of the spherical shape of the shell of the eye;
  • the influence on the refractive characteristics — the smaller the diameter and the thicker the element, the greater the influence on the refraction of the visual organ.

Имплантация стромальных колец для коррекции зрения - отзывы, цена, видеоIntra-corneal rings implantation, the video which you can view in the network is very fast. The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes and does not require mandatory hospitalization. For anesthesia local anesthesia is used in the form of drops. This pain relief is able to avoid strain on the heart, blood vessels and other organs. The patient go home the day of surgery and the recovery period is minimal.

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Such intervention is the optimal method of treatment of keratoconus. In this case the arrangement of the rings and their choice is purely personal and relates to each patient individually. The doctor himself determines what will be their location relative to the horizontal and vertical axes, the thickness and size of elements.

In order to establish the elements, the ophthalmologist makes small channels along the perimeter of the cornea. Through those incisions in the thickness of the body entered the ring. Immediately after surgery a few hours the patient is under medical supervision, and if all goes well, he can leave the clinic.

To the recovery was quick and without complications, the doctor will prescribe the patient additional examinations, which shall be coming regularly.

Important! The patient can live with the rings whole life. But if there is a need, after some time, the implants can be replaced or moved at the discretion of the physician.

The following video graphically presents the implantation of stromal rings:

Intra-corneal rings implantation, and the price of the operation

Имплантация стромальных колец для коррекции зрения - отзывы, цена, видеоAfter surgery the implants changes the surface of the Horny layer of the eyeball. They stabilize her refraction and functionality. As a result of such treatment of disorders in the functioning of the visual organs komentiruyte and further development of the disease stops.

As for the feedback of patients, in most cases, the treatment gives good results. The progression of violations stopped and visual function is resumed. If you compare surgery with drug treatments, that in the latter case possible complications, such as clouding of the lens. Usually complications arise wrong the rehabilitation period and failure to comply with all recommendations of the attending physician. Effect the operation is stable, and allows the person to return to his normal life, driving, sports, reading and working.

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Patient feedback is positive despite the considerable cost of the operation. Implantation stromal corneal rings is from 40 000 to 60 000 rubles, and given the reputation of a particular clinic, these prices are subject to change. This amount does not include the cost of the rings is only the services of ophthalmologists.

Such intervention is a reliable and safe procedure for the fight against keratoconus. Its terms and the minimum period of rehabilitation allow in the shortest terms to restore sight and return to my previous productive life. Therefore, this surgery is the best and most popular solution to such problems as keratoconus.