Japanese eye drops — appointment, instruction, reviews

In today’s world most people are faced with daily eye strain, which can lead not only to fatigue, but also more unpleasant symptoms of pain, cramps and burning sensation, mucous membrane dryness and other effects. To get rid of these phenomena were created by various means, which include moisturizing, soothing and emollient substances. Among such medications are considered particularly effective Japanese eye drops: they are made by several companies that spetsializiruyutsya on creating protective gear for your eyes. In our country they can be purchased at several online stores and pharmacies.

The advantages of this product

The main advantages include the following properties:

  • rapid action compared to other products to protect the eyes;
  • complex effect: relieve fatigue associated with alleviation of pain in the region of the eyeballs and eyelids;
  • large assortment of universal types and drugs with a narrow effect: reduction of dryness, pain management, pressure reduction, etc.;
  • long time steps: the number of vehicles is valid for about 20-30 minutes, while Japanese eye drops have an effect for several hours.

Important! The disadvantage is that a higher price, but it is justified by positive qualities.

For whom suitable for Japanese funds?

Японские капли для глаз - назначение, инструкция, отзывыThey can best help people, in whose way of life strain on the eyes is increased. Is people working with computers, drivers travelling by car in the dark and those who work with objects that require high visual concentration: jewelers, scientists, teachers, workers of textile industry and others. If the eye during the day is a serious burden, the funds will help not only eliminate discomfort, but will relieve inflammation and redness. If my eyes begin to tear, you should pay attention to the kinds of drugs that eliminate this effect.

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Japanese eye drops: usage instructions

Японские капли для глаз - назначение, инструкция, отзывыThe dosage may be different, depending on the degree of fatigue and kind of substance. On average, it is recommended to bury its no more than 4 times a day one drop in each eye. At very high loads it is possible to bring the receiving frequency to 6 times, but no more: overdose leads to glare and unpleasant feelings of the eye sockets.

Contraindications for these funds include such reactions as Allergy, intolerance or other component, or combinations thereof, as well as glaucoma. Also not recommended combination with other drugs for the eyes.

Basic rules of use:

  • the storage area should be cool, dark and dry.
  • after each use you tightly close the bottle;
  • should avoid the heating of the vial;
  • you can’t use the medicine if there is the danger of ingress of dirt particles;
  • do not give bottle in the hands of children;
  • it is not recommended to use in combination with eye lenses;
  • one bottle is intended for use by only one person.

Japanese eye drops: product reviews

According to the reviews on this type of drugs, they have softer and more long lasting effect than the analogues produced in other countries. A lot of people said that the use of such substances has saved them in mild burns of the cornea obtained in the rest on the southern resorts, and speak positively about the complex getting rid of unpleasant symptoms. The vast majority of people who have tried their application, found that the value, which is slightly above the price of analogues produced in other countries, justified by the high quality and low consumption of the substance.

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