Keratotomy refractive, for laser vision correction — consequences, cost

Keratotomy is a surgical procedure that can restore visual function of a person. It can be surgical or laser treatment on the cornea of the eye. In many cases this procedure lasts 15 to 20 minutes and is easily tolerated by patients.

These methods are considered the most effective and safe today. Side effects with proper care are very rare, and the rehabilitation is easy and painless. This makes this type of treatment is most popular among patients.

Refractive keratotomy

Кератотомия рефракционная, лазерная для коррекции зрения - последствия, стоимостьKeratotomy for vision correction is a surgical procedure aimed at treatment of infringements of work of the organs of vision, having refractive nature.

This diseases such as:

  • astigmatism;
  • myopia;
  • farsightedness.

The doctors used a lot of surgical methods to solve these problems, but they do not all have a positive effect. Some of them become causes of infection of the tissues, retinal detachment, and other side effects. The old ways came new methods; thus arose the and keratotomy. This technique requires surgical intervention in order to works of incisions on the cornea. The procedure was unpredictable, since it could provoke a weakening of the eye capsule. But over time, medicine has improved, opening new ways of conduct.

Keratotomy astigmatism performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia within 2 hours, including care and training. According to this technology, the surgeon makes the corneal incisions, which help to reduce the refraction of light in one axis.

Important! The most common type of surgery is radial keratotomy, which is able to save people even from the developed astigmatism.

Laser keratotomy

Кератотомия рефракционная, лазерная для коррекции зрения - последствия, стоимостьVision correction the keratotomy can be carried out with a laser. This is the most common type of correction, which is carried out by changing the shape of the cornea. During the intervention on the corneal layer affected by the laser, with this she was given a form called a «natural lens», the parameters of which in each case is individual.

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During exposure to laser beams can cause irregularities in the internal structure of the eye. The laser touches only one refracting medium, and then the person again can well see. The advantages of this intervention are obvious. In addition, the procedure is performed without hospitalization and by the end of the day the patient can go home.

The duration of treatment is about 20 minutes, and the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, using special drops. Laser correction can be assigned to each patient with the listed diseases, but to make such a decision can only be a doctor. May not apply this treatment about children who are underage and those over the age of 45.

Today there are many ways of laser treatment, including:

  • Lasik;
  • Super Lasik;
  • EPI-Lasik;
  • PRK;
  • Femto-Lasik.

Important! Any method keratotomy has limitations and contraindications, so, unfortunately, does not fit all.

The operation for the keratotomy is presented in the following video:

Keratotomy: effects of intervention

Кератотомия рефракционная, лазерная для коррекции зрения - последствия, стоимостьAfter surgery the patient is put on a blindfold or put contact lenses. The doctor prescribes a pain medication that will help alleviate the condition to full recovery. The following inspection should be done the next day. At this visit are assigned to eye drops to prevent infection.

In the first few days the patient’s vision is still blurred and fuzzy; you should avoid physical activity, contact with eyes water and the impact of negative external factors. Rehabilitation, as a rule, in this case occurs quickly, and soon one begins to see well and could do without optical correction items. You need to know that visual perception of the patient may change over time. For example, during the day may slightly change the visual function (to deteriorate and then to improve). And such instability can last from three months to one year.

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With regard to such procedure as the surgical or laser keratotomy, the cost of it on different data ranges from 20 000 to 60 000 rubles per correction one eye. The transaction price depends on which method is used for this purpose. Largely the cost will depend on the health facility.

Today it is possible to correct vision such safe and rapid means as surgery. The procedure does not take much time and is well tolerated by patients. In many cases, rehabilitation is quick and a person regains full vision and opportunity to live life to the fullest.