Lamellar keratoplasty using femtosecond laser — pictures, prices, reviews

Corneal opacity can occur at any age, but most often such a complaint appeal for adult patients. To ignore the problem of the impossible, especially that it can be successfully treated by safe surgical intervention.

Lamellar keratoplasty is a sought-after microsurgical operation, which returns the sharpness of vision and eliminates all of the above cosmetic defects without serious consequences for health, vision. Simply put, there is a neat deletion «spoiled» layer of the cornea and install a new, after which the patient starts to see well, I do not feel disabled, permanently forget about the past diagnosis.

General information about the procedure

After lamellar keratoplasty pictures are clear, and the world can look quite different eyes. It turns out that he presented a clear outline and vivid contrast impaired vision remained in the distant past.

Послойная кератопластика с использованием фемтосекундного лазера - картинки, цены, отзывыCarrying out this simple operation is possible only on the testimony of the expert, and are allowed the following diagnoses:

  • clouding of the cornea;
  • an eyesore;
  • keratoconus;
  • traumatic defects of the cornea;
  • corneal dystrophy congenital or acquired forms.

Simply put, if the eye appeared a visible defect, which also disrupts the visual acuity, causing unpleasant symptoms, you must consult a doctor without delay to agree to surgery to remove part of the Apple.

Many patients are afraid to give their consent to such a surgical intervention, but only because I know nothing about the upcoming actions of a skilled surgeon. First, he removes part of the cornea unfit for normal vision, and in its place installs the graft to form the graft. Fastening takes place using special stitches which are removed only a year after the surgery. During this time the graft survives, it becomes an integral part of the optical system a particular patient.

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Послойная кератопластика с использованием фемтосекундного лазера - картинки, цены, отзывыDepending on the location of the nidus, in modern ophthalmic practice there are front and rear lamellar keratoplasty, however, the essence of the procedure remains the same, not reduced effectiveness. The procedure lasts 20 to 40 minutes, but it requires additional rehabilitation, which can take months.

Especially in demand today lamellar keratoplasty using the femtosecond laser, which significantly shortens the rehabilitation period, eliminates side effects, reduces the list of contraindications to a minimum. The previous mechanical method on the background of this innovative technology can be called «obsolete», and the use of laser is appropriate in 90% of all clinical pictures, provides a positive therapeutic effect.

The reviews and the price of the operation

Послойная кератопластика с использованием фемтосекундного лазера - картинки, цены, отзывыAnyway, feedback on layer-by-layer keratoplasty have only positive content, and this is not surprising. Among the advantages of this innovative technology is to provide the following details:

  • minimal risk of implant failure;
  • prevention of induced astigmatism;
  • recovery of visual function in full measure;
  • preservation of the mechanical strength of the cornea;
  • the exception is extremely undesirable infection optical system;
  • a relatively short rehabilitation period;
  • the prevention of recurrence in the future.

However, not all is as rosy as describe narrow specialists at the reception. For example, the «fly in the ointment» when performing a lamellar keratoplasty is price. It is worth noting that it is an expensive procedure, and can afford it, not everyone can a patient with a cloudy cornea or an eyesore. The final cost of the surgery largely depends on the reputation of the clinic and the qualification of the surgeon, and varies 20 000 – 30 000 rubles. Also known and more inflated prices.

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Such an operation is a modern problem-solving methods vision. Despite the fact that, as with any surgery, there can also be complications, many patients still hesitate to intervene. And this is not wrong — in fact, the operation returns the ability to see well.