Laser eye surgery — for, results, possible consequences, cost, reviews, videos

Since the eye is a very fragile unique body, scientists around the world are trying to find a method of vision correction, which would 100% help to restore visual function and do not harm the body. Today this technique is considered to be laser correction. It takes primacy among all the other ways.

When surgical intervention laser affects the cornea of the eye. Under this influence it is able to change its shape, restoring the normal ability to focus. Such interference gives good results, besides very affordable and also safe.

Laser eye surgery: implications

Лазерная операция на глаза - способы проведения, результаты, возможные последствия, цена, отзывы, видеоLaser surgery on the retina of the eye is surgery, even if it is painless and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The risk in this case is small, but it still occurs. So if you require such a medical service, he should know.

There are several groups of possible complications after the correction:

  • complications that do not affect the result of the operation, but increases the recovery period;
  • disorders that must be treated medically or with re-intervention;
  • violations that require re-intervention.

After laser surgery on the eye may be swelling of the cornea, dryness, filamentous epitheliotropic or the appearance of ptosis, but this is a temporary phenomenon. Also after exposure to laser, you need to take medicines to recover, and they can be allergic, which is also included in the list of violations. All of these diseases only increase the rehabilitation period, but do not affect the result of the correction.

In order to get rid of some complications, medication is required. This happens when keratitis, corneal clouding, dryness of the mucous membrane, which is expressed excessively, and exacerbation of herpetic keratitis. Such complications may affect the outcome of the treatment and worsen the patient’s health.

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Лазерная операция на глаза - способы проведения, результаты, возможные последствия, цена, отзывы, видеоWhen exposed to the cornea of the eye sometimes epithelial tissue is not fully removed, is produced by the incomplete correction, the cornea is turbid or there is regression of refractive effect. In such cases it is necessary to conduct additional treatment in the form of surgical intervention. This is necessary in order to cope with violations.

The occurrence of diseases that remove with a laser, happens for a reason. It’s astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Correcting the vision, you just get rid of the effects caused by the disease. And if you do not take preventive measures, then after some time the previous condition will return. After the intervention it is necessary to carefully monitor their body, avoid stress, heavy physical workload and excessive eye strain.

It is very common for the resumption of visual function is carried out laser eye surgery, reviews about it mostly positive. This is because complications, after all, in this case take a small percentage.

Important! Of course, like any other intervention, this procedure can lead to certain consequences. Also, the operation has contraindications. Therefore, it is allowed only after a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist.

The cost of laser surgery for eyes

If you need laser eye surgery, remember that its price differs greatly in different clinics, even if they are within the same city. This is due to the fact that these services provide not only commercial institutions, and public hospitals. If we consider the average rates of correction using the most popular methods, Super Lasik, the cost of the procedure on one eye is about 30 000 rubles.

The following video presents the entire process of laser surgery of the eye:

It is necessary to consider other methods by which be laser eye surgery video procedures which can be found on the web.

The amounts shown in the example of the Moscow prices:

  • Lasik – 20 000 roubles;
  • Super Lasik – 28 000 rubles;
  • Femto Super Lasik – 50 000 roubles;
  • FRK – 15 000 rubles.

Here are average prices that can be reduced or increased depending on what level of violations is available to the patient. If the disease is mild, the cost can be reduced by about half. At high extent of the violation, the cost remains high. In order to carry out the operation it is necessary to examine the patient and make a diagnosis, these activities will cost about 2 – 5 000 rubles.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that laser eye surgery is a fairly effective method of restoring visual function. However, this is intervention, and it can also have negative consequences. Although in this case they are extremely rare and do not always require additional interventions or drug therapy.