Laser photocoagulation of the retina: contraindications, effects, price, reviews, photos, videos

The health of our eyes is perhaps one of the most important in life. Every person with eyes connected and working, and leisure, and almost all life. If the ophthalmologist puts in a dangerous diagnosis, and offers to do laser coagulation of the retina, which has a price of eye health in the future, should we be afraid of this procedure? Whether it is necessary? What is she dangerous?Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

Laser photocoagulation of the retina — an operation that in recent times do a growing number of people. Coagulation of the retina is primarily a preventive procedure that is recommended in dystrophy (thinning) of the retina, in order to prevent its rupture or delamination.

What is macular degeneration?

Reasons for which the optometrist can supply such an unpleasant diagnosis, a few:

  • diabetes, hypertension, diseases of the blood vessels, which worsens the blood supply of the fundus;
  • strong myopia in which the eyeball is strongly pulled forward stretching, thinning the retina of the eye;
  • congenital problems.

Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

The danger lies in the fact that when degeneration of the retina becomes more fragile. She is in constant stress.

Important! Strong physical strain of childbirth (in women), shaking in transport, strong rise in blood pressure can lead to rupture and retinal detachment. If this happens within 2-3 weeks, there can be total blindness!

In order to prevent the negative scenario, performed laser coagulation of the retina. The essence of the procedure is that with microalgal laser beam the retina is soldered to the underlying tissues, creating multiple barriers with high resistance, located at the equator of the eye. If a retinal tear does occur, it does not go beyond this barrier, and the most important Central part of the retina is protected.Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

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How is laser photocoagulation?

In contrast to the majority of ophthalmic surgeries, retina coagulation is performed on an outpatient basis, with drip anesthesia. And the price laser coagulation of the retina ranges from 3 to 60 thousand rubles, depending on the workload and the level of the clinic.

Important! The procedure of laser photocoagulation is absolutely bloodless and has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Argon lasers used in this surgery heats the surface of the retina, putting with vascular bottom. Point bonding are the original «nails» that holds nervous tissue from breaking and peeling.Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

After the introduction of drip anesthesia into the patient’s eye is placed reflective lens that helps to focus the laser at the desired point. The physician monitors the procedure via a stereoscope, controlling its implementation. Depending on the purpose, the laser can do up to 300 moxibustion, fixing the retina in certain places or on the perimeter.

While the main effects of laser photocoagulation, according to experts, it saved the eyesight. And peaceful life without the threat of development of dangerous complications. Currently, many ophthalmologists recommend the procedure to people with strong myopia up to laser vision correction, and expectant mothers with low vision, to avoid complications during pregnancy. Today to see photos, video and laser coagulation of the retina. This procedure is available, well publicized, and the cost of it is quite capable to everyone.

What is the procedure for laser coagulation, it is possible to learn from the following video:

Contraindications and complications

The main contraindications to laser coagulation of the retina associated with eye diseases. The most important of them is the lack of transparency of the eyeball, lens and cornea. In addition, the list of restrictions includes a number of rare diseases. In General, the purpose of the surgery depends on the medical examination. Other serious limitations of the procedure no. Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

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The operation itself requires high concentration from the surgeon and from the patient, who is forced to sit still for a long time. Perseverance of the patient and the professionalism of doctors largely determine the success of the operation.

Any complications after laser coagulation of the retina associated with laser exposure, often minor and are temporary in nature; for example, edema of the cornea, which takes place over several days.

In addition, rare cases can occur:

  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • the reduction of transparency of the vitreous body;
  • changing the shape of the iris and the lens;
  • the appearance of field defects.

Implications for laser coagulation of the retina are more severe are extremely rare, in General, if the surgeon is professional enough, the risk of complications will be minimized.

Restrictions after laser photocoagulation of the retina

Recommendations after laser coagulation of the retina, which gives the doctor, not too strict, but it is desirable to observe them perfectly:

  • 1 day forbidden to strain your eyes, use glasses and contact lenses.
  • 2 weeks from the diet excludes salt and alcohol, it is recommended to drink a minimum of liquid. Be sure to wear sunglasses. Use special eye drops.
  • During the month excludes all types of physical activities, sports associated with sudden movements, bending, shaking. Limiting thermal procedures (bath, beach, sauna).
  • Yearly examination of the retina by an ophthalmologist.
  • In real life, and online reviews about laser photocoagulation of the retina are mostly positive. The operation causes a minimum of discomfort, often takes place without visible effect and not leaving any reminders.Лазерная коагуляция сетчатки глаза: противопоказания, последствия, цена, отзывы, фото, видео

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    However, the presence of unpleasant side effects, and prophylactic purpose of the operation raise questions about its usefulness. In addition, there is a risk that for profit, some clinics may start to «persuade» a patient without apparent reason.

    In order not to do any dangerous procedures or not to refuse needed surgery, experts recommend to consult a few clinics, but to do such an operation need only have the best specialists.