Lens color pattern for dark and light eyes — the selection, care, photo, price

Beautiful and very unusual way to bring zest to your casual look are lenses colored print, a photo of which you will find online. You can apply a color or tint options to see how to change your appearance with a completely different eye color. This method is used not only for aesthetic functions, but also can correct defects of the iris of the eye, such as nevus, cataract, absence of iris or pigmentation of a different color.

Types of colored lenses

Линзы цветные с рисунком для светлых и темных глаз - выбор, уход, фото, ценаToday, manufacturers offer many variants of such devices. There is a huge Arsenal of tint and color, as well as those lenses that have an unusual pattern.

As for coloring options, he should give preference to only people with light eyes, since brown iris made under this shell muddy. They only slightly increase the intensity of natural shade and let more color than the following variant.

Color variations can dramatically change eye color. They can be used by all, regardless of iris color. Pattern printed on the product, completely masks your iris and creates the desired color.

Another option is carnival contact devices. The name speaks for itself. These products belong to a colour, but together with the color they applied and figure.

Usually it is custom graphics, such as a soccer ball, an imitation of the animal’s eye — cats, snakes, dragon, fire, various mystical symbols, and other, other, other. With the help of these figsЛинзы цветные с рисунком для светлых и темных глаз - выбор, уход, фото, ценаCove can perfectly complement the image created for theme parties, sporting events (e.g. the match favorite football team), and other similar activities.

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Of course, such inventions can be purchased with diopters or without. In the first case, they will correct you vision. But if you can do without the diopter, the products will perform only an aesthetic function.

How to choose the right one?

Lenses colored pattern for light eyes to pick up easy. To do this, you can upload your own photo to the service and try on the options. If visual function you have violated, then select the fixtures you need with the help of an ophthalmologist.

If you purchase the product for aesthetic purposes, you also need to consult a specialist that will help you avoid discomfort and possible violations.

Important! It is necessary to observe not only the mode of wearing as prescribed by the doctor, but also to care for the products.

As for the cost, lenses colored print price can be completely different. It all depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the material from which they are made. For example, Chinese goods are much cheaper than the production of, for example, Germany.

The opinion of a specialist about lenses of this type you will learn from the following video:

Product care

Lenses colored patterned, corrective vision or not, one way or another, come into contact with our eyes. And therefore, you should learn how to care for them. The rules are simple and no different from caring for ordinary lenses.

Линзы цветные с рисунком для светлых и темных глаз - выбор, уход, фото, ценаEvery day you should change the solution for preserving contact lenses. Manipulation for removing and putting on it only after you wash hands. If the product is damaged, they must be eliminated, it is not necessary to continue to wear, because you can damage of the visual organ.

Girls can apply makeup only after the lens is installed on the seat, and in the evening to wash off cosmetic products is possible only after removal of the product. These measures are necessary to prevent the ingress of particles of mascara or eye shadow under the lens. If this happens, the cornea will be annoyed throughout the day.

You should pay attention to the expiration date of the product and never use it longer than indicated on the package. And if you use colour variations or products for tint, should be wearing. Bad because they let in light and air, you need to remove them after 8 hours. To sleep in such devices is strictly impossible and if you experience discomfort, immediately remove them.

Thus, today, manufacturers provide us with a wide selection of contact products eye. They can give shade to change the color or to create an unusual look for your eyes. Should be guided by the advice of the ophthalmologist in the selection and to observe the mode of wearing and caring for lenses.