Lenses blue on brown eyes: the rules of selection, value, photo, video, reviews, price

Today it is very fashionable and popular are colored contacts because they not only enhance visual acuity, but also allow you to create a new image, to give the eye the most unexpected, to conquer all others. Colored contact lenses are for different purposes, including astigmatic. Therefore, regardless of the causes of poor vision, you can change your look and style. For example, many girls choose lenses blue on brown eyes, this combination looks harmoniously, effectively. However, it is important to make the right choice, or the upgrade image will be just unnoticed.Линзы голубые на карие глаза: правила выбора, значение, фото, видео, отзывы, цена

How to make the right choice?

Many women dream to buy lenses blue on brown eyes, photos of fatal beauties, you can always find in the pages of the world wide web. But how they manage to get such bright and deep color, combining, it would seem quite incompatible shades? It turns out that this question has a few tricks of the trade, which is important to remember when choosing.

The nature of iris has a strong brown color, which is very difficult to visually disguise. That is why lenses should be clear or pale blue, as a change in eye color will remain invisible. It is important to choose bright, saturated colors that brown eyes will do naturally blue.Линзы голубые на карие глаза: правила выбора, значение, фото, видео, отзывы, цена

To the rim it seemed natural and looked as natural as possible, it is necessary that the diameter of the contact lenses the diameter of the iris or a bit of her hide. Otherwise, the updated look is suspicious, frightening.

If you have decided to choose lenses blue on brown eyes, the price of optical devices should play an important role.

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Important! If you choose a cheaper model lenses, brown iris is not high quality «shaded» in blue and the final color of eyes seem unnatural.

It is not necessary to order through the Internet lenses blue on brown eyes. Reviews, of course, is misleading about the economic benefits of such a purchase, but the result won’t disappoint. So important a purchase without a preliminary fitting to make stupid, because in the end the money will be wasted.Линзы голубые на карие глаза: правила выбора, значение, фото, видео, отзывы, цена

If you have difficulty, how to wear lenses blue on brown eyes, Internet videos and helpful tips specialist in the optical center will help to resolve this minor hitch on the way to beauty and new way. How to remove the lens, you can learn from this article.

Important! Wearing color contact lenses usually time-limited. Therefore before purchase it is important to consult with ophthalmologist.

So that difficulties with the purchase should arise, and the result is in compliance with all of the above rules will exceed all expectations.

A variety of colors and shades

When choosing color lenses, it is very important to determine the color, because blue can have different tones and shades. For example, fashionable at all times remain sea green, aquamarine, sapphire, but also appropriate pearl-blue or sky-blue hue for a soft look.

Important! If you decide to wear lenses blue on brown eyes, the value of this combination is very much to be able to tell others about their award. It’s a bold nature, are not afraid to experiment and continue the relentless search for itself in the rich life thread.

As you can see, the Creator of new images are only for lenses blue on brown eyes, YouTube gives a lot of illustrated examples when this combination looks impressive, fresh, catchy, neizbity.

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Of the following video you will learn how popular colored lenses and how they transform the eyes: